Best Resorts in Australia (2022)

Australia luxury resorts and travel ideas - which are the best?  We've chosen the resorts around the greatest places to visit in Australia. Many are located in Queensland, but there are top resorts in each of the seven states and territories. 

Best Resorts in Australia

Many of the best Australia vacation resorts are close to the Great Barrier Reef or are located on spectacular coastal wilderness areas and are simply beautiful. 

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Best Queensland Australia Resorts

Tropical North Queensland resort vacations offer the chance to get far far away and removed from the everyday. Everything from the rain forest to the abundant marine life on the Great Barrier Reef scattered with island resorts. It all offers something a little different. 

The video below takes you over the resort area in Palm Cove.

Port Douglas ResortsPort Douglas Resorts

Cairns Resorts, Palm Cove Resorts & Port Douglas Resorts are a good locations to locate yourself for visits to the World Heritage natural attractions of the far north. 

Tip: TripAdvisor also has a great review of all the best resorts and hotels in Australia and the top Holiday Rentals in Australia.

Queensland Island Resorts on the Great Barrier Reef

VIDEO: Islands of the Great Barrier Reef Island Great Barrier Reef

Some of the best Island resorts in the world are in Queensland, Australia. This is a preview of some of the best on our video playlist of the best Queensland Island Resorts. Many of these offer instant access to the Great Barrier Reef.

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Queensland Beach Resorts

Your time in the sun is getting ever closer with these Queensland Beach Holiday Resorts. Some of the best beach vacation spots are in Queensland Australia.

Sunshine Coast Australia Beach Holiday

The Sunshine Coast combines beautiful nature including surf and peaceful bay beaches and a lush artsy hinterland. The coast remains a favorite for families and international tourists alike.

  • Sunshine Coast - Naturally Refreshing

Gold Coast Australia Luxury Resorts

Soul Surfers ParadiseSoul Surfers Paradise

We have recently updated and reviewed the top resorts on the fabulous Gold Coast. You will find many of the top resorts listed in Surfers Paradise Best Beaches in Australia.

Official Queensland Tourism Website

New South Wales Beach Resorts

Luxury Resort Bliss recently completed a two month journey exploring the New South Wales Coastline and were impressed with the quality of the beaches from the North to the south. We have covered some of the best beaches in the world and these were certainly some of the best. Although New South Wales has less resorts than Queensland to the North, the locations are desirable.

Byron Bay Australia Beach Resorts

The famed and entirely chilled out beach town of Byron Bay holds a special place in the Australian Resort Scene. While there are really only a handful of outstanding resorts the location itself sums up a lot of what the better part of Australia is like. Check out the Resorts of Byron Bay and find out more about this amazing place.

Forster is an up and coming Beach Resort location which offers some exciting natural day trips. If you are looking for a beach resort location only a few hours from Sydney and yet relatively uncrowded this is a good, often underrated, option. 

Coffs Harbour Australia Beach Resorts

Opal Cove

Midway between Brisbane and Sydney lies the classic Aussie beach surf town of Coffs Harbour which has some of the East Coasts top resorts. While accommodation options are not as numerous and luxurious as some of the other options on this page, the beaches north of "Coffs" offer some great getaway resorts. 

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Uluru and the Northern Territory Resorts

This eco-sensitive resort is in Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park. It offers private views of the sun rising and setting over Uluru. (Remember not to call it Ayers Rock).

Longitude 131° and it's dessert setting is a great place to get a handle on the Australian outback.

The Northern Territory iconic Australian outback at it's best and home to the real Crocodile. 

Alice Springs -Gateway to the Red Centre

Uluru - Spiritual home of the nation in the centre of the country

Darwin - Biggest city and a great base to explore the Top End wet tropics.

Kakadu - Magnificent wildlife and wetlands

Best Australia Luxury Resorts in Tasmania 

Saffire FreycinetSaffire Freycinet

Something very special in a state not particularly known for outstanding resorts. Tasmania is known as the wilderness state and this modern facility sure provides a stark contrast to roughing it in the wilderness.

See more accommodation and vacation ideas in Tasmania.

More information and special offers on Saffire Freycinet and Tasmania Resorts.

Beachfront Resorts in Australia

Pretty well, most resorts in Australia are beachfront. Queensland has the highest number of beachfront resorts. Check out our review on the best Queensland beach resorts for options from the Gold Coast on the border to the tropical North Queensland resorts in places like Palm Cove

Byron Bay in NSW is also a classic location to enjoy a beach vacation in Australia.  

Adults Only Resort in Australia

Adults only is becoming a pretty common type of resort in destinations around the world, and the concept is gathering traction in Australia also. There are Adults Only Resorts from the far north to Western Australia. 

Port Douglas Peninsula Boutique Hotel Adult only resort is a good example of one of these. This boutique-style features an in house restaurant and a beachside location overlooking Four Mile Beach

Video: Port Douglas Peninsula Boutique Hotel

We also have a full review of the best Adult only resorts

Best Couple's Only Resort, Australia

This is one of those perfect plunge pool resorts designed for couples. The difference between an adult only resort and a couples only resort is only in degrees. Both off a way to escape under 16-year-olds to provide the tranquility to nurture that special time away. 

The best Couples-only resort in Australia is Qualia on Hamilton Island. Even Oprah agrees and was flown there by Tourism Australia when she visited on her promotional trip. 

Qualia couple's only 5-star resort on the Great Barrier Reef, has 60 wonderful private rooms complete with infinity pool, private plunge pools, we and access to things like a private dining room, gourmet restaurants, the championship golf course, and Hamilton Island Golf Club. 

Video: Qualia - A Luxury Resort on Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef

Australian All Inclusive Resorts

The best Australian all-inclusive resorts are generally located on the better Queensland island resorts, but there are a few others. Check them out on our review of the best All Inclusive resorts in Australia.  


Ski Resorts in Australia

When people mention ski resorts in Australia, the temptation is to check and see if it wasn't Austria getting talked about. Although the Australian Alps don't really come close to the European Alps or the American, Canadian Rockies in scale, there is an active and vibrant ski scene in Australia. 

Video: 10 Top Ski Resorts in Australia

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Australian Resorts

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The biggest island in the world has resorts spread across all the best Australian vacation spots.

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