Philippines Island Beach Resorts

Looking for the the best Philippines Island Beach Resorts. We will guide you around some of the most stunningly beautiful islands and review some of the best resorts on each.

While the Philippines are known for their budget friendly beach resorts, the addition of some more upscale resorts in recent times has added another dimension to the choices available to the already  blissful selection. We will guide you through both the affordable and the luxury options.

Philippine Island Beach Resorts

With about 7000 islands to choose from it is not easy to know which ones will suit your travel style. Some are remote and less traveled, while others like Boracay are extremely popular to the point where the ecology is challenged. And while trends come and go as to which is the flavor of the month with travel writers there are some which impress season in and season out with the guests which stay there.

Boracay Beach Resorts

Best Boracay Beach ResortsBest Boracay Beach Resorts

This video will give you the best idea of what Boracay is all about and if you find this video a trifle annoying its likely Boracay is not for you . While the resorts out of town offer a slightly different experience.

Boracay has been haled as one of the top beach paradises in Asia for some time now, but unfortunately what has attracted the masses to its lively nightlight and its e four kilometers of bright white, powdery sand beach has also been its nemesis.  In 2018 the island was forced to close for six months for the rehabilitation of the ecology. Of course this was not all bad news and it shows the Philippines which has a proactive approach to ecologically sustainable tourism is committed to the task of taking the long term view.

The story behind the rebuilding of Boracay according to CNN

Boracay is all the better for the discipline that was applied. And as the musicians, restaurateurs, and mountain tracking guides come back out to play and bring this long established tourism hot spot back to life, guests are leaving as happy and impressed as they always have been.  The ample water sports huts,  kite-boarders and windsurfers will return and bring back the happy holiday vibe that has attracted families and travelers for some time now.

Only a few years back Boracay was noted as the best beach resort destination in Asia and it is sure to make that list again some time soon.

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Samal Island Beach Resorts

Samal is otherwise known as the beach playground for Davao City. With a population of only 80,000 Samal offers a more relaxed pace of life, and some stunning beach resorts. Most notably, the Beach Pearl Resorts receives a lot of praise. 

Guests at the 60 resorts located there tend to get involved in exploring the colorful reefs, kayaking, mountain climbing, or simply enjoying the unspoiled beaches.

Check out our full review of Samal island, including how to get there and away, places to stay, and resort reviews.

Palawan Beach Resorts

These resorts and the Palawan archipelago is really one of the worlds most spectacular destinations for a resort vacation.  Although less developed and lauded as the last frontier of undeveloped paradise many are now starting to arrive to see what the fuss is all about. Palawan is the largest of the Philippine islands is situated to the west not far off the coast of Malasia

First came the travel writers and then came the awards. Worlds best travel island. Best island resort in Asia. The accolades go on and on from publications as diverse as travel and Leisure to Lonely Planet.

Limestone cliffs, underground rivers, glorious islands surrounded by pristine clear waters and impossibly colorful coral reefs predominate.

Amanpulo is one of the stand out resorts on the island at the luxury end of the market where a private  treetop casitas with a private pool, private chef chef, and private butler are considered necessities

More information and reviews on Amanpulo

El Nido in the north with its 45 glorious tropical islands receives the bulk of the praise.  The area only received its first ATM cash machine recently despite all the attention is has been receiving in the travel press.

Video: El Nido Resorts Lagen Island is considered one of the best beach resorts in the Philippines

There is now  a concerted effort to keep the 45 islands of the area in pristine condition and the eco sustainable credentials of the area are often ahead of of government regulations. It seems lessons have been learned from what happened in Boracay. 

Along with a whole lot of smaller scale pension houses and mini eco resorts there are also some spectacular larger resorts which take up entire islands.

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Bohol Beach Resorts

Bohol, like Boracay, is situated in the central part of the Philippines known as the Visayas. The landscape here is shaped by the Chocolate Hills and the Loboc River but you also get the white sandy beaches and marine environments which make the Philippines such an attractive holiday destination.

At The Bellevue Resort Bohol is on a white sand beach on Panglao Island and is a better choice in the area.  This is a full scale resort with a range of activities including fine dining and full service spa. 

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Mackton Island Beach Resorts

The location of Mactan Island across from Cebu City in the southeastern Philippines means it offers some of the comforts of modernity along with the joys of the unspoiled natural environment.

Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu is considered the best resort on the island. This is also a good options for families given the wide range of activities which are available.

More information and reviews of the Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa

Coromoan Resorts

If you are looking for somewhere a little less developed or where tourism is really in it's infancy then the Coromoan Resorts offer something special.

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