Michigan Upscale Resort Vacations

Looking for a good Michigan upscale resort? There are a few special ones to choose from. Take a look below to see what we've picked.

Michigan Upscale Resort Vacations

The Inn at Bay Harbor

The Inn at Bay HarborThe Inn at Bay Harbor

Crystal Clear Elegance: A Peek Into The Hidden Pearl of Michigan Beachfront Resort

Score: 9.2/10

Tucked away in the heart of Michigan, where the Midwestern plains kiss the shoreline, lies the Pearl of Lake Michigan – a beachfront resort that's more than just a pretty façade. Its name is The Inn at Bay Harbor, and it’s a beacon of elegance and relaxation that somehow maintains an under-the-radar status – making it a well-guarded secret for those looking to escape the bustle of more popular destinations.

inn at bay harbor

Key Features:

The Inn at Bay Harbor stands on 27 magnificent acres, surrounded by the vast expanse of Lake Michigan on one side, and the greens of the Bay Harbor Golf Club on the other – a golf course that, incidentally, ranks as one of the best in the country.

The resort offers a selection of finely appointed suites and cottages, each decorated in a classic yet contemporary style that spells luxury without losing the charm of an intimate hideaway. The balcony views are nothing short of breathtaking. Trust me; you haven’t experienced a true Michigan sunset until you've seen it from here.

The Pros:

The Inn at Bay Harbor has plenty going for it. It offers a variety of dining options, each providing an authentic taste of Michigan's culinary offerings. From the Vintage Chophouse & Wine Bar, renowned for its succulent steaks, to The Inn Cafe, where artisanal pastries are the day's agenda – the resort has taken care to cater to a spectrum of gastronomical preferences.

The Serenity Spa within the resort's premise is a true sanctuary for those seeking relaxation. Indulge in their signature treatments, which include everything from hot stone massages to detoxifying body wraps. Or simply spend an afternoon unwinding in the sauna – the choice is yours.

  • Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or enjoying a round of golf, this resort is sure to please and gets outstanding reviews.
  • Located on Lake Michigan, the romantic Inn at Bay Harbor has been well recognized as a leading hotel and resort in this part of the country. And in fact has made the Travel + Leisure list of the worlds best hotels.

The Cons:

Like every gem, The Inn at Bay Harbor does have a few minor flaws. While the service is generally exceptional, there have been sporadic reports of slow response times during peak seasons.

And while its seclusion is part of the charm, it might not be the perfect pick for those who prefer a bustling nightlife scene or a range of high-end shops nearby.The Verdict:

Though The Inn at Bay Harbor might not be the perfect fit for everyone, it offers a unique blend of serenity, luxury, and a sense of exclusivity that's hard to come by.

For those looking for a slightly different experience – perhaps a little more action-packed – the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island could be an interesting alternative. Its Victorian charm, coupled with a range of activities including horse carriage tours and vibrant live music, provides a contrasting yet equally enticing Michigan beachfront experience.

Regardless of where you choose to rest your head, one thing's for certain: Michigan’s beachfront resorts are truly a hidden treasure, offering unique experiences that beg to be discovered.

The Inn at Bay Harbor PoolThe Inn at Bay Harbor Pool

If you are looking for upscale you really have come to the right place here. Magnificent outlooks to lake Michigan are complimented by top notch service from the quality and luxurious spa down to the gourmet restaurants.  

More information and special offers on The Inn at Bay Harbor

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about Michigan.

Grand Hotel Michigan

Another upscale Michigan resort hotel to make wolds best hotels lists is the Grand Hotel in the spectacular location enjoying the Straits of Mackinac. 

Grand Hotel Michigan

Every room is different in the grand old style here. Good traditions are kept alive here and you will likely find yourself getting around in a horse and cart or sitting back in a rocking chair on the seemingly endless porch. Breakfast and a five course dinner is included in almost every package.  

Despite the obvious grandness the hotel is surprisingly family friendly. There are big discounts for kids of most ages (including some kids stay free offers).

More information and special offers on the Grand Hotel Michigan.

Mission Point Michigan Upscale Resort 

Mission Point is an upscale resort located on Mackinac Island, Michigan. This picturesque island retreat offers a unique blend of luxury, natural beauty, and historic charm. Let's explore what sets Mission Point apart as an upscale resort:

  1. Location: Mission Point Resort is situated on the eastern shore of Mackinac Island, surrounded by stunning views of Lake Huron and lush green landscapes. The island's tranquil atmosphere and absence of motorized vehicles create a peaceful and idyllic setting.
  2. Accommodations: The resort offers a range of upscale accommodations, including guest rooms, suites, and waterfront cottages. Each room is elegantly designed with modern amenities, luxurious furnishings, and many feature private balconies or patios to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
  3. Dining Options: Mission Point Resort boasts several dining options that cater to various culinary preferences. From fine dining experiences at Chianti Italian Restaurant to casual fare at Round Island Bar and Grill, guests can indulge in a diverse array of delicious dishes prepared by talented chefs.
  4. Amenities: The resort provides an array of upscale amenities, including a full-service spa, fitness center, outdoor pools, tennis courts, and access to a private beach. Guests can also enjoy activities such as biking, lawn games, and golfing at the nearby Wawashkamo Golf Club.
  5. Outdoor Recreation: Mackinac Island is known for its outdoor recreational opportunities, and Mission Point Resort offers guests easy access to explore the island's natural beauty. From hiking and biking trails to horseback riding and kayaking, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the island's pristine landscapes.
  6. Event Spaces: Mission Point Resort features versatile event spaces, making it an ideal venue for weddings, conferences, and special occasions. With stunning views as a backdrop, the resort provides a memorable setting for gatherings of all sizes.
  7. Sustainability: Mission Point Resort is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The resort has implemented initiatives such as energy-efficient practices, recycling programs, and partnerships with local organizations to preserve the natural beauty of the island.
  8. Historic Charm: Mackinac Island is steeped in history, and Mission Point Resort embraces this heritage. The resort itself is housed in a collection of historic buildings, including the charming Straits Lodge, which adds to the overall ambiance and sense of place.

Mission Point Resort offers a luxurious escape where guests can unwind, immerse themselves in nature, and experience the unique charm of Mackinac Island. With upscale accommodations, exceptional dining options, and a range of amenities, this upscale resort provides a memorable and rejuvenating retreat for discerning travelers.

Lakefront on Mackinac Island. There's a kids club, 4 restaurants, tennis, a health club, pool and spa.

Mission Point Michigan Upscale ResortMission Point Michigan Upscale Resort

There are 242 guestrooms which are what reviewers have the biggest problems with. They are often noted as being small and out of date.

More on Mission Point Resort

Mission Point Michigan Upscale Resort

Garland Resort Michigan

Garland Resort is a hidden gem nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Lewiston, Michigan. This expansive resort offers a unique blend of natural beauty, championship golf courses, and a range of recreational activities. Let's explore what makes Garland Resort a special destination:

Golf aficionados will be enthralled by the resort's four championship golf courses, each a masterpiece in its own right. Designed by acclaimed architects such as Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Tom Weiskopf, these meticulously crafted fairways offer an unparalleled golfing experience. As you swing your club and navigate the manicured greens, you'll be treated to sweeping views of the surrounding lush landscapes, as if nature itself has conspired to create the perfect backdrop for your game.

But Garland Resort is not just a golfer's paradise. It is a sanctuary for those seeking adventure and serenity amidst the embrace of nature. Take a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Au Sable River, casting your line and immersing yourself in the art of fly fishing. The tranquil flow of the river, framed by towering trees, creates a sense of harmony and connection with the natural world. Or embark on an invigorating hike or bike ride, exploring the scenic trails that wind through the nearby Huron National Forest, where every step reveals breathtaking vistas and a sense of wonder.

After a day of outdoor exploration, indulge in a moment of pure bliss at the resort's spa, where skilled therapists await to melt away your cares with their expert touch. Surrender to the soothing sensation of a rejuvenating massage, enveloped in a cocoon of serenity. The gentle aroma of essential oils fills the air, transporting you to a state of relaxation and rejuvenation.

As the day draws to a close, make your way to one of Garland Resort's exceptional dining establishments. The Antler's Bar and Grill beckons with its refined ambiance and delectable menu, showcasing culinary creations crafted from the finest locally sourced ingredients. Allow your taste buds to embark on a culinary journey, savoring every bite as you relish in the symphony of flavors.

Whether you seek a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a serene retreat in nature's embrace, Garland Resort will exceed your expectations at every turn. Its charming accommodations, attentive service, and a wealth of activities make it a haven for those seeking a truly memorable vacation. Allow yourself to be captivated by the magic of Garland Resort, where nature's beauty and the pursuit of leisure blend harmoniously to create an experience that will linger in your heart long after you bid farewell to this enchanting retreat.

A luxury upscale Michigan resort with an emphasis on golf and relaxation. 

Treetops Michigan Golf, Spa and Ski Resort

Nestled in the heart of the tranquil Michigan countryside, Treetops Resort beckons to those seeking an exceptional blend of golf, spa, and ski experiences. As you enter this enchanting retreat, you'll be greeted by rolling hills, towering trees, and a sense of serenity that instantly puts you at ease.

For golf enthusiasts, Treetops Resort is a paradise. With five championship golf courses designed by renowned architects like Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Tom Fazio, you'll find yourself immersed in a golfer's dream. Tee off amidst the picturesque landscapes, where fairways carve through lush forests and greens are framed by breathtaking vistas. Whether you're a seasoned player or a novice, the courses at Treetops Resort offer challenges and rewards for every skill level.

After a rewarding round of golf, indulge in some well-deserved pampering at the resort's luxurious spa. Let the skilled therapists work their magic as you surrender to a blissful massage, releasing tension and restoring balance to your body and mind. Immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance, where aromatherapy scents fill the air and the gentle melody of tranquil music lulls you into a state of deep relaxation.

In the winter months, Treetops Resort transforms into a winter wonderland, offering a thrilling ski experience for all ages. Glide down the powdery slopes, feeling the crisp winter air against your cheeks as you revel in the joy of skiing or snowboarding. With a range of slopes catering to different skill levels, from gentle beginners' hills to challenging runs, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

No retreat is complete without exceptional dining, and Treetops Resort delivers on that front as well. From casual fare to fine dining experiences, the resort's restaurants offer a variety of culinary delights that will tantalize your taste buds. Savor gourmet dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients, paired with an extensive selection of wines that perfectly complement each delectable bite.

Whether you visit Treetops Resort for golf, spa, skiing, or simply to bask in the tranquility of nature, you'll find yourself enveloped in a world of relaxation, adventure, and unparalleled beauty. Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in the extraordinary at Treetops Resort, where unforgettable experiences await at every turn.

Grand Traverse Golf Resort And Spa

With water-parks, a classic golf course and a full service spa this is about as upscale as it get is Michigan. See the review.

Otsego Club Michigan Resort

Nestled in the charming town of Gaylord, Michigan, the Otsego Club Resort offers a captivating retreat for outdoor enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of northern Michigan, this resort stands as a testament to the region's natural splendor and warm hospitality.

Renowned for its world-class skiing, Otsego Club Resort boasts a picturesque ski area that caters to skiers and snowboarders of all levels. With a variety of slopes, including gentle beginner runs and challenging terrain for the more adventurous, winter enthusiasts can carve their way down the powdery slopes while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

In addition to its winter allure, Otsego Club Resort offers a wealth of recreational activities year-round. Tee off on their championship golf course, designed by renowned architect Rick Smith, and experience the joy of golfing amidst rolling fairways and lush greenery. Hike or bike along scenic trails that wind through the resort's grounds, immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature. The resort also features tennis courts, swimming pools, and a fitness center, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy.

After a day of adventure, retreat to the comfort of the resort's accommodations. The elegant rooms and suites offer a cozy sanctuary, with modern amenities and stunning views of the surrounding woodlands. Unwind in the welcoming ambiance, recharge your senses, and prepare for another day of exploration and relaxation.

Dining at Otsego Club Resort is a treat for the senses. The resort's restaurants feature a diverse selection of culinary delights, from hearty American fare to international cuisines. Savor delectable dishes crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, accompanied by an extensive wine list that complements the flavors perfectly. Delight in the warm ambiance and attentive service as you indulge in a memorable dining experience.

As twilight sets in, gather around the crackling fire pits or cozy up in the lodge's inviting lounges, sharing stories and laughter with fellow guests. The genuine hospitality of the staff adds a personal touch, ensuring your stay at Otsego Club Resort is nothing short of exceptional.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the beauty of northern Michigan at Otsego Club Resort. Whether you're seeking adventure on the slopes, relaxation in nature's embrace, or simply a peaceful getaway, this charming resort offers an unforgettable experience that will leave you with cherished memories and a longing to return.

Bella Vita Spa & Suites

Located in Saugatuck and not a traditional resort, this may be what you're looking for in you want a great spa getaway.

Bella Vita Spa & Suites

Bella Vita is very intimate and has only 4 suites. They are contemporary style, new and state of the art. They are in the downtown area and so close to restaurants and various specialty shops.

The spa offers a full range of treatments. Some you may look forward to are the Chocolate Mousse Body Wrap, the Champagne Glycolic Facial or the 75-minute Swedish Massage.

Reviewers say: the owners/manager are great, beautiful and cozy suite, highly recommend it and will return, great location.
(Bella Vita receives fantastic reviews - one reason we had to include it here.)

Click here for more information.

How Do the Upscale Resorts in Michigan Compare

Here's a scorecard comparing the upscale resorts in Michigan:

  1. Location:Treetops Resort: 8/10Otsego Club Resort: 9/10Garland Resort: 7/10Mission Point: 8/10Inn at Bay Harbor: 9/10
  2. Accommodations:Treetops Resort: 8/10Otsego Club Resort: 7/10Garland Resort: 8/10Mission Point: 9/10Inn at Bay Harbor: 9/10
  3. Golf Courses:Treetops Resort: 9/10Otsego Club Resort: 8/10Garland Resort: 9/10Mission Point: N/A (No golf courses)Inn at Bay Harbor: N/A (No golf courses)
  4. Spa and Wellness:Treetops Resort: 8/10Otsego Club Resort: 7/10Garland Resort: 8/10Mission Point: 9/10Inn at Bay Harbor: 8/10
  5. Recreational Activities:Treetops Resort: 9/10Otsego Club Resort: 8/10Garland Resort: 9/10Mission Point: 7/10Inn at Bay Harbor: 8/10
  6. Dining Options:Treetops Resort: 7/10Otsego Club Resort: 8/10Garland Resort: 7/10Mission Point: 9/10Inn at Bay Harbor: 9/10
  7. Service:Treetops Resort: 8/10Otsego Club Resort: 7/10Garland Resort: 8/10Mission Point: 9/10Inn at Bay Harbor: 9/10
  8. Overall Value:Treetops Resort: 8/10Otsego Club Resort: 7/10Garland Resort: 8/10Mission Point: 9/10Inn at Bay Harbor: 8/10

Comparing the Upscale Michigan Resorts to the Alternatives

Treetops Resort (Michigan) and The Greenbrier (West Virginia) both offer scenic retreats in picturesque locations. They feature comfortable accommodations, championship golf courses, luxurious spas, and diverse dining options. Treetops Resort emphasizes year-round outdoor adventures, while The Greenbrier offers additional activities like horseback riding and falconry.

Otsego Club Resort (Michigan) and Stowe Mountain Lodge (Vermont) provide serene retreats surrounded by natural beauty. They offer comfortable accommodations, skiing, recreational activities, exceptional dining, and attentive service.

Garland Resort (Michigan) and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort (Pennsylvania) present tranquil escapes in serene settings. They offer comfortable accommodations, championship golf courses, recreational activities, exceptional dining, and attentive service.

By comparing these Michigan upscale resorts to comparable destinations, travelers can gain insights into the unique features and offerings provided by each resort.

More about tourism in Michigan.

What amenities does The Inn at Bay Harbor offer?

The Inn at Bay Harbor offers a range of amenities, including a full-service spa, fitness center, heated outdoor pool, hot tub, and access to the Bay Harbor Golf Club. Guests can also enjoy dining options on-site, concierge services, and complimentary shuttle transportation.

Are pets allowed at The Inn at Bay Harbor?

Yes, The Inn at Bay Harbor is a pet-friendly resort. They offer designated pet-friendly accommodations and provide pet amenities upon request. Please check their specific pet policies and any associated fees.

What types of accommodations are available at The Inn at Bay Harbor?

The Inn at Bay Harbor offers a variety of accommodations, including guest rooms, suites, and cottages. Each is elegantly furnished and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

Does The Inn at Bay Harbor have beach access? Question

Yes, The Inn at Bay Harbor provides direct access to a private sandy beach on the shores of Lake Michigan. Guests can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and leisurely walks along the beautiful shoreline.

Are there dining options at The Inn at Bay Harbor?

Yes, The Inn at Bay Harbor features several dining options. The Sagamore Room offers fine dining with panoramic views of Little Traverse Bay, and Vintage Chophouse | Wine Bar provides a sophisticated setting for steak and seafood enthusiasts. There is also The Cabana Bar, where guests can enjoy casual bites and refreshing cocktails by the poolside.

What are some nearby attractions and activities?

The Inn at Bay Harbor is conveniently located near several attractions and activities. Guests can explore downtown Petoskey, visit the historic Gaslight District, go hiking or biking on nearby trails, play a round of golf at the Bay Harbor Golf Club, or enjoy water sports on Lake Michigan

How can I make reservations at The Inn at Bay Harbor?

Reservations can be made by contacting The Inn at Bay Harbor directly through their website or by calling their reservation line. Online booking options are also available on their website.

Are there event spaces available for weddings or conferences?

Yes, The Inn at Bay Harbor offers beautiful event spaces for weddings, conferences, and other special occasions. Their dedicated event planning team can assist in creating memorable and customized experiences.

What are some popular upscale resorts in Michigan?


  • Treetops Resort
  • Otsego Club Resort
  • Garland Resort
  • Mission Point
  • Inn at Bay Harbor

What amenities can I expect at upscale resorts in Michigan?


  • Upscale accommodations with luxurious furnishings and modern amenities.
  • Championship golf courses designed by renowned architects.
  • Relaxing spa and wellness facilities offering rejuvenating treatments.
  • Outdoor recreational activities like skiing, hiking, biking, and fishing.
  • Fine dining restaurants serving gourmet cuisine.
  • Event spaces for weddings, conferences, and special occasions.
  • Access to natural landscapes and outdoor attractions.

Are upscale resorts in Michigan suitable for families?

Yes, many upscale resorts in Michigan offer family-friendly amenities and activities, such as pools, kids' clubs, and outdoor adventures suitable for all ages.

Can I host a wedding or special event at these upscale resorts?

Yes, most upscale resorts in Michigan have event spaces and dedicated event planning teams to assist with weddings, conferences, and other special occasions.

Do these resorts have pet-friendly accommodations? Question

Some upscale resorts in Michigan offer pet-friendly accommodations, but it's always recommended to check with the specific resort for their pet policies and any associated fees.

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