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As a freelance travel writer, I'm always on the lookout for new adventures and stunning destinations to explore. So, when I heard about the wonders of Bundaberg and the nearby Great Barrier Reef, I knew I had to pack my bags and see it for myself.

Thinking of visiting Bundaberg for your next family holiday but wondering what there is to do in the area? 

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Elliott Heads BeachElliott Heads

I arrived in Bundaberg, a charming coastal town in Queensland, Australia, on a sunny morning. The warm breeze was refreshing, and I couldn't wait to explore the town and its surroundings. I checked into my hotel, The Point Resort, located just a short drive from the Bundaberg airport. The resort offered stunning ocean views, luxurious amenities, and a relaxing atmosphere that was exactly what I needed after a long journey.

Bundaberg is a Queensland hidden gem. There are beautiful beaches, great family activities and turtles! 

And that's not all. 

Beach at Elliott Heads near BundabergBeach at Elliott Heads near Bundaberg

About Bundaberg, Queensland

After settling in, I set out to explore the town of Bundaberg, starting with the famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery. I learned about the history of the distillery, its unique brewing process, and even got to taste some of their delicious rum. From there, I headed to the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens, a tranquil oasis of native and exotic flora, and enjoyed a peaceful stroll through the gardens, taking in the colors and scents of the flowers.

But what I was really looking forward to was exploring the Great Barrier Reef. I booked a tour with Lady Musgrave Experience, a local tour operator, and set off early the next morning. The boat ride to the reef was breathtaking, with the turquoise waters glittering in the sun and the distant horizon stretching out before me.

As we approached the reef, I was in awe of the colorful coral formations and the diverse marine life that surrounded me. I put on my snorkeling gear and dove into the water, feeling the coolness of the water against my skin. I swam alongside schools of fish, saw rays and turtles, and even caught a glimpse of a reef shark. It was an experience that I'll never forget, and one that left me feeling connected to the natural world in a way that I hadn't experienced before.

After a long day of exploring the reef, I headed back to The Point Resort for a relaxing evening. I watched the sunset over the ocean from my balcony, and enjoyed a delicious meal at the resort's restaurant, which offered a fusion of Asian and Australian cuisine. The resort's spa also offered a variety of treatments, so I indulged in a massage to help me unwind after a busy day.

Overall, Bundaberg and the Great Barrier Reef exceeded my expectations. The stunning natural beauty, friendly locals, and unique experiences made it a trip of a lifetime. For travelers looking for a luxurious and relaxing getaway, I highly recommend The Point Resort. The resort's oceanfront location, luxurious amenities, and peaceful atmosphere made it the perfect place to unwind after a long day of exploring.

Fun facts: Bundaberg is about 4 hours north of Brisbane. It's a place many backpackers visit to work on farms and pick fruit and veggies—a lot of food is grown here.

It's an easy-going, friendly place with great weather all year round. Summer is hot like everywhere else, but winter is often perfect.

It's a great beach destination for a number of reasons:

  • Beautiful white coral sand
  • Great water temperatures
  • Crystal clear water (usually)
  • Kite surfing at Elliott Heads
  • No crocs
  • No box jellyfish ( they've been seen from Agnes Water and north)
  • Not usually stingers (jellyfish) but blue bottles can be blown in
  • Soldier crabs at low tide are fun

It's not a great spot for surf as waves are usually quite small. Great for small children though!

Mon Repos: Turtle Beach

Mon Repos is a turtle conservation area in Bundaberg. This is where people come to see huge turtles laying eggs and baby turtles hatching. 

You buy tickets with a ranger and come when it starts to get dark. They take you down to the turtles and teach you all about them. I have only heard good things about this tour and it's definitely worth checking out if you're here during turtle season - November - March.

Tip: The earlier you arrive, the sooner you'll be taken down to the beach. You may need to wait late into the night

Check it out here.

Bundaberg For Families

Bundaberg is very family friendly for a number of reasons.

  1. The beaches and river mouths are great, easy places to swim with kids and teens.
  2. There are accommodation and caravan parks set right on the beach in Elliott Heads, Bargara, and Moore Park Beach.
  3. Great local playgrounds like Baldwin Swamp, Alexandra Park (with a free zoo) and Boreham Park.
  4. Things to do include Bundaberg Soft Drink Factory, Mon Repos (see above), the Botanic Gardens (it's got a train) and Snakes Down Under in Childers. Check out the local tourism website for the details. 

Kellys Beach Resort

Kellys Beach Resort

My love affair with the quaint charm of Bargara began the minute I stepped off the plane. As a seasoned traveller, I've seen places that have taken my breath away, but there was something incredibly special about Kellys Beach Resort. An oasis tucked away from the hustle and bustle, the resort instantly whisked me into a state of tranquillity.

As I checked into one of their Eco Villas, I felt an irresistible sense of intimacy, a hint of the seclusion that the next few days promised. The villa was a nest of comfort, spacious yet cosy, armed with all necessary amenities, but it was the untouched surroundings that had my heart fluttering. "You're in for a treat," said the friendly receptionist, her smile as warm as the Bargara sun.

The first morning, I woke up to the soft melody of native bird songs, the sunlight softly filtering in through my window. Grabbing a cup of coffee, I wandered out to explore the lush grounds. I sauntered along shaded pathways, breathing in the fresh, crisp air, my footprints the only disturbance on the dew-kissed lawn.

The resort is a stone's throw away from the pristine Kellys Beach, an added luxury I made the most of. After a day of lounging on the golden sands, watching the azure waves rhythmically kiss the shore, I returned to the resort, my heart content and my skin salt-kissed. There was something incredibly comforting about knowing I was returning to my very own villa, a haven amidst nature's bounty.

Evenings at Kellys Beach Resort were an event in themselves. The on-site restaurant became my sanctuary. Over mouth-watering meals, I met other travellers, each one with a story to share. Laughter rang out, clinking glasses echoed under the starlit sky, each night a celebration of the shared joy of travel.

For the adventure enthusiasts, the resort is a dream come true. Between a spirited game of tennis and the adrenaline rush in the games room, I found my own adventure in a different kind of exploration, indulging in the spa and sauna. The serenity seeped into my bones, the warmth thawed my city-frazzled nerves, and in that moment, I was content.

Kellys Beach Resort, in essence, is the perfect retreat for those seeking a tranquil yet enriching holiday experience. It is a place that pampers you with comfort but also challenges you to explore. However, if you're looking for a bustling nightlife or a luxurious five-star experience, this might not be your cup of tea. Instead, check out the nearby city of Bundaberg, where several upscale resorts cater to such preferences.

But for the ones who are looking for a slice of peace, who seek to hear the whispers of the wind, the rustling of leaves, who long for a holiday that unravels in its own leisurely pace - Kellys Beach Resort is your haven. And as I checked out, the sun-dappled landscape etched in my heart, I knew I'd be back. After all, how could I resist the allure of such unspoiled beauty?

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If you want to stay in Bundaberg itself, check out the top-rated hotels and spots to stay here.

The city is not where we would recommend staying for families. It's much nicer on the coast.

Elliott Heads Tourist Park

Elliott Heads Caravan Park is another great option for travelers visiting Bundaberg. This park is located in the peaceful coastal village of Elliott Heads, just a 20-minute drive from Bundaberg. It offers a range of accommodation options, including powered and unpowered campsites, as well as cabins and villas.

My journey brought me to Elliott Heads Holiday Park, a humble nook holding the number one campsite spot in in the Bundaberg area with great resort villas too. This wasn't just a location; it was a manifestation of what it means to slow down and appreciate the simpler joys in life.

Located at Lihs Street, Elliott Heads, in Queensland, the park was a treasure trove of scenic beauty, tranquility, and a sense of community. Out of 160 reviews, the place resonated with charm and appealed to many, a testament to the memorable experiences it consistently provides.

Beach at Elliott Heads near Bundaberg

The accessible villas were my abode of choice. Spacious and inviting, with a queen bed, two singles, and a queen-sized sofa bed, it was the perfect sanctuary to retreat to after a day under the Queensland sun. The villa boasted a kitchenette stocked with a full-sized fridge, microwave, and electric hotplate, offering all the creature comforts of home while I was miles away. A balcony with sweeping ocean views was the cherry on top - the ideal spot for my morning yoga and evening stargazing.

When the sun started to dip, painting the sky in hues of oranges, purples, and pinks, I would head down to the beachfront. Right opposite the park, Elliott Heads Surf Beach unfolded in all its glory. The gentle crashing of waves, the soft granules of sand slipping through my fingers, the sea breeze whispering stories of far-off places - it was the kind of serenity you read about in books.

Venturing a little further, I found a delightful little café. With a steaming cup of coffee in hand and a panorama of the headland and river mouth before me, life felt incredibly perfect.

Elliott Heads Holiday Park is a haven for those seeking tranquility and a sense of community. It's a place where children can frolic in the park, families can bond over barbecues, and you can indulge in a variety of activities, from kite flying to snorkelling.

If you're seeking a bustling city experience or luxury amenities, this may not be your cup of tea. But if you're yearning for a slice of peace, a place where time seems to stretch and the ocean's rhythm becomes your heartbeat, Elliott Heads Holiday Park awaits. After all, the greatest pleasures are often found in the simplest moments.

Elliott Heads Caravan Park is a great choice for those who love the great outdoors and want to be close to nature. The park is situated right next to the beach, and guests can enjoy swimming, fishing, and surfing in the clear waters. There are also plenty of walking trails and bike paths to explore, with stunning views of the coastline.

For families traveling with kids, the park offers a range of activities and facilities, including a children's playground, a jumping pillow, and a games room. There are also BBQ facilities and a camp kitchen for guests to use, making it easy to prepare meals while enjoying the outdoors.

Elliott Heads Holiday Park (on the quieter side, great river for kids to swim in and lifesaver beach)

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at Tripadvisor

Bargara Beach Caravan Park (closest to the city, across from beach and extensive Neilsons Park, no sand flies)

I would recommend the Bargara Beach Caravan Park, a family-friendly caravan park located just a short drive from Bundaberg. The park offers a variety of accommodation options, including cabins and campsites, and is a great choice for families or solo travelers looking to explore the Bundaberg region.

You can also look up local real estate agents and vacation rentals in the area so stay at the beaches. Another nice way to go.

Activities in Bundaberg

Reef - Lady Elliott Island

You can visit the Southern Great Barrier Reef from Bundaberg. Hop on a boat and take the trip out to Lady Elliott Island, snorkel or dive and spend a great day out there. It's a full day trip.

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