Florida All Inclusive Resorts Honeymoon

Going on your honeymoon should be a time in your life when you decline the slice and take the whole dang pie.

Allowing you to live out your wildest dreams in a place that knows how to deliver romance on a petal-strewn platter - there are resorts down in Florida that even your wildest dreams would have a hard time keeping up with. 

If you are looking exclusively for all-inclusive resorts which include things like all meals, activities and entertainment then please visit our Florida All Inclusive Resorts review. 

A state where the weather, water, and atmosphere are inviting all year round, Florida is the only state on mainland U.S to honeymoon. The best thing about it?

You can leave your passport at home and getting there is so much easier than flying to some far-flung destination on the other side of the world (sorry Bali).

Yes, there is Hawaii, but all your married friends have already been there and done that. Florida is the new Hawaii and the resorts in this article are ready to check you in and give you a loved-up experience with the postcard-worthy photos to prove it.

South Seas Island Resort

Proudly found on the secluded shores of Captiva Island, South Seas Island Resort is whatever you want it to be.

At 330-acres, this dazzling expanse of shopping malls, marinas, restaurants, and numerous accommodation types is its own luxury-driven ecosystem.

Not to mention its 2.5-mile private white-sand beach that gives guests plenty of space to stretch out and forget.  

Its unique location on Captiva Island gives South Seas a sense of being cut off from the world, while also offering guests every amenity and service under the setting Gulf sun.

Some of its most impressive features include a 9-hole golf course that has been rated as one of the top short-game golf courses in the world. Do you like tennis?

If so, go and fetch your freshest whites and head to Blackwood Tennis Academy where there are seven premium courts and social competitions daily. 

Accommodation-wise, as we said, there is a lot. Whether you want to kick it in the Harbourside Hotel or spread out in one of many “Homes of Distinction”, we think either choice is worthy of a swooning honeymooning couple.

Eating well and drinking better is all part of the fun on honeymoon and South Seas is ready to wine and dine you as never before.  

With a string of high-end restaurants, easy eateries, and lively bars, your after-hours fun is more than catered for at South Seas.

For daytime lounging (and drinking), you simply must nestle into a lounge chair down at the palm-tree-lined Crooked Snook Tiki Bar.

Facing Pine Island Sound and looking out over the crystal clear waters of the Gulf - this is the spot where you take the photo that makes everyone else jealous back home.

With every other imaginable activity, watersport, spa treatment, and tour at your fingertips (including a dolphin-spotting one), South Seas is a haven for honeymooners who like to make the most of their time off and do, do, do.

Acqualina Resort

From the moment you enter its gilded wrought-iron gates and ascend up the cobblestone path, and take your first glimpse of its elegant domed cupola, you know you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Acqualina Resort & Residences is one of the most luxe hotels not just in Florida, but the entire U.S. Forbes, U.S News & World Report, TripAdvisor, and USA Today have all put this oceanfront oasis of high-end luxury at the top of the totem pole (which makes it the perfect place to spend your honeymoon being dazzled and delighted in). 

From their signature beach umbrellas to the Meditteranean-style cabanas and the designer decor of Costa Grill, there is a noticeable emphasis on the color red at Acqualina, which perfectly offsets the blues and hues of the ocean beyond.

There are a few extra-special packages at Acqualina, but for your honeymoon, it's all about the Romance Inspired Package.

Orchestrated by your exclusive Guest Experience Manager, the romance-driven experience will start with a bottle of champagne on arrival (plus a special top-secret amenity) and include a couples’ two-hour spa experience at the resort’s Royal Spa Suite.

Acqualina makes sure to look after their romantic guests so booking this package will also secure you an oceanfront room, or suite, depending on your level of lavishness.

You will also be sitting down to an a la carte breakfast provided by IL Mulino New York, which, by all reports, is very la-di-da.

We aren’t going to sugarcoat the rates at Acqualina because they are staggering. But, however high they are, a honeymoon is about experiencing beautiful things removed from daily life, and Acqualina is that beautiful thing.

It will stay with you long after you walk out through its dome copula, down the cobblestone path, and float out through the gilded iron gate. A true oasis of warm oceanfront opulence that could be nowhere else but Miami.

The Palms Hotel & Spa

Keeping with the theme “Miami does it best” The Palms Hotel & Spa is another heavy-hitter on the Palm Beach stretch. This 251-room hotel brands itself as “low-key sophistication” and we like that.

Unlike Acqualina with its ultra-exclusive atmosphere, The Palms is about throwing your cocktail umbrella up in the air and having a good time.

Whether you’re kicking back at the tropical Tiki Bar & Beach or enjoying the hotel bar by night, The Palms doesn’t mind you having a good time.

Eating at the palms is just as desirable with a sweeping Caribbean–style covered terrace, a poolside terrace, and an intimate dining room.

In a similar vein to Acqualina’s romantic package, The Palms love to welcome in honeymooners for their “Ultimate Romance” experience.

On-arrival prosecco, daily breakfast, a three-course tasting dinner, and an 80-minute couple’s massage are just a few of the ways that The Palms guide their infatuated-with-each-other couples to ecstasy.

Each of the standard and suite rooms has been designed in an up-scale beach house style, and it makes a lot of sense.

Some of the stand-out features include Egyptian cotton linens, complimentary bathrobes and slippers, BeeKing bath products, and ample on-demand movie channels for when you want to cozy in after a sun-soaked day and chill.

Let’s face it, when you’re staying at Palm Beach Miami, you aren’t staying anywhere else but The Palms, honeymoon or otherwise.

Henderson Park Inn

For the couples who would like to skip the energetic scenes of Palm Beach Miami, we know of a spot. Henderson Park Inn is an all-inclusive style (only when booked on packages), adults-only bed-and-breakfast-style hotel on a very secluded stretch of Florida’s Emerald Coast.

With Henderson State Park’s mile-long beach to the east, a stay at this boutique hotel is where you come to when you want to escape and stare the sunset down with no one around. 

The hotel is split between two just-as-fashionable buildings known as “east” and “west”. Located on the east side, the honeymoon suite is the perfect place to celebrate your love in luxury.

Featuring a king bed, whirlpool tub, and furniture fireplace, whatever the world is doing beyond the blinds, you haven’t the mind to worry, nor care - this place to your sanctuary. 

During your stay, every day you will receive a daily breakfast out on the deck, and a picnic-style lunch prepared by chefs, and complimentary happy hour drinks down at the poolside bar.

There’s also a supreme beach service that will see you lounging in style and grace. Bikes, snacks, and access to in-house activities are also included, the only thing that’s not is dinner. 

Luckily, Henderson Park has an on-site award-winning restaurant that serves up international classics alongside seafood plucked fresh from the Gulf.

Keeping guest numbers low ensures you a high level of customer service, and you better believe they will go the extra mile for your every honeymoon request. This includes an extra lavish and romantic “Toes in the Sand” dining excursion.

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

There’s something to be said about saving the best for last, and that is exactly what we have done with Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, saved it until last.

A salt-encrusted jewel off the fabled Florida Keys, Little Palm Island is America’s only private island resort, which makes it “hot property” on the honeymoon scene. 

Dotted with crushed seashell paths, verdant tropical foliage, and exotic wildlife, taking a stroll around the resort will have you believing you’re in the Caribbean Sea on some deserted island paradise.

But, this is America, and we’re in warm and sunny Florida baby.

Whether you’re flying in by seaplane or jumping aboard the resort’s private boat “The Truman”, you’ll be handed a refreshing cocktail on arrival, down at the beach, and feel awash in island vibes. 

The resort’s luxury thatched-roof bungalows have been styled with a British West Indies attitude and the lush foliage that surrounds them lets you know you’re in the tropics.

From the elegant decor to the impeccable design and quality of craftsmanship, these recently renovated bungalows hit very differently.

Whether you’re gawking at the Boudoir tub, the rustic decking, the outdoor shower, the vaulted wooden ceilings, or the ocean views - these bungalows feel oh-so lavish and at the same time effortlessly warming - we are very impressed.

Just when you thought your jaw couldn’t get any lower, the romantic suite steps in and steals the show.

An outdoor copper tub and shower, large private decking, and an exclusive section of beach with your own personal fire pit really do set the scene for an unforgettable honeymoon.

We could go on and on about the stunning spa facility and the multiple dining options run by world-renowned executive head chef Brendan Mica.

We could also go into detail about the endless resort activities that include fishing, sailing, diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, sky diving, eco-tours, and the rest.

Or, we could just leave it at that and let you stew on your wildest Little Palms Island honeymoon dreams until the day comes when you board The Truman and get to live it out just as you imagined. 


Florida is the perfect place to honeymoon. Not only can you leave your passport at home and skip the stresses that come with overseas travel.

But, you are also dealing with an idyllic climate, surrounded by warm and inviting waters and presented with a string of unique and inspiring resorts that put you two first. 

Whether you’ve got your sights set on the lively scenes of Miami, the tranquility of Destin, or the tropical hi-life of the Keys, one thing is for certain, each of these resorts is going to give you a honeymoon experience like nowhere else on earth.

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