Cheap Hawaii Honeymoon Packages

A review of some Cheap Hawaii Honeymoon Packages offered by both the resorts and booking sites. First of all Ho‘omaika‘i ‘ana-congratulations!

Hawaii is a pretty special place for you to start off your new life as a wedded couple together. And it's true that Hawaii  occupies a special romantic place in the hearts of many honeymooners who visit there. See our Hawaii All Inclusive Vacation Packages

Hawaii known as the ‘Aloha State’  has a rich history, which dates back centuries. Before Hawaai was annexed by the United States military there was a ling history of hospitality and today that tradition continues for the couples and romantic honeymooners who come each year to enjoy  the fine restaurants, beach walks, hiking and iconic surrounds.

Cheap Flights to Hawaii

In the video above we showed how to find great value flights to Hawaii. Here is one of the links we mentioned. 

Compare prices on flights to Hawaii with Skyscanner

Best Times to Visit Hawaii

If you are really trying to narrow down on a good deal and get some great discounts on a Hawaiian vacation packages you could go as far as to choose the least expensive time of year to visit Hawaii.

I have provided information on my how to get cheap flights page the best window of time to book flights in but in general you want to make sure you book early and choose the off season.

The low season in Hawaii in Hawaii starts in April and goes all the way through to mid June and then again from September to December. There are some exceptions to this rule like thanksgiving then really follow th e other advice I offer in the video on finding cheap flights and travel packages to Hawaii below.

Hawaii Climate

Whenever we do a discounts page like this to help people get discounts to a particular destination we include a section on the climate. We don't want you to head off thinking you have picked up the most awesome discount only to find you have arrived in the middle of the monsoon season.

Average min and max temperatures in Honolulu, Hawaii

Fortunately average temperatures in Hawaii stay between about 80 to 85 F all the year round.

The winter is the busiest most expensive time and it is also  a little rainier  but it is also the time of the year when the whales arrive and when the weather is bad worst in the northern hemisphere.

Each island has it's own micro climates as well. The leeward side to the west and the south of each of the Hawaiian islands is usually hotter, dryer and sheltered from the wind. Then you can go the side you want depending if you prefer lush green vegetation or dry sunbaked days.

Hawaiian Airlines Wedding and Honeymoon Packages

Hawaiian Air is one of the first places to check for packages: Use this link below to see what is currently available.

Hawaiian Airlines Vacation Packages: Save More Together

A few of you who are reading this page are perhaps also considering getting married on Hawaii as well. While we will do another review for this instance it is worthwhile mentioning here that there are discounts available on flights and accommodation through programs like Hawaiian Airlines Wedding Wings club.


You do need to register and have proof of an upcoming wedding but this will mean savings of  5 to 10 per cent as well as upgrades fro the Bride and groom.

Wedding Wings - Special Airfare for Your Wedding Party with Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaii is a classic vacation destination and is really quite popular with honeymoon makers.

Best Honeymoon Cruise Destination

Hawaii is surely one of the world's top Honeymoon Cruise destinations. Tese Hawaiian cruise package deals should get you off to a good start.  

Book Hawaii Cruises, Only at

Customs and Security

If you are not traveling from the United States you may want to consider the level of security required to enter Hawaii as a U.S state.  If prolonged interrogations are not your idea of a romantic honeymoon, which is perfectly understandable then we would probably advise you check out some of the other cheap honeymoon destinations review.

Do things for free on your Hawaiian Honeymoon

This video explores a few things you can do for free on your dream honeymoon focusing on the great outdoors. The great indoors is too obvious to mention ;) 

Travel Tips for Your Hawaiian Honeymoon

Here are eight tips to help you enjoy your honeymoon and stay respectful of the local culture.

Video: Hawaii travel tips, 8 things you need to know!

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