Country Cottage in Scotland

Looking for a a castle, resort, lodge or country cottage in Scotland? We have listed some of the best available with great deals. 

Best Country Cottages in Scotland

Scotland is certainly Emerald-green masterpiece of of heather, clear lake waters, cliffs castles  and magnificent country cottages. Let's have a look at these Celtic wonders all over the green landscape from the Highlands to Loch Ness.

When to go to Scotland?

Scotland has both the highland and lowland climates. The colder highlands and the warmer lowlands. Apart from Christmas the period from November through until March can see you saving a lot of money and enduring cold conditions.  June  and September are the sunniest in many locations. 

Rain is a consideration when travelling to Scotland any time of year and midges are also an issue.

Average Temperatures in Edinburgh: 

Average min and max temperatures in Edinburgh, Scotland

Country Cottage in Scotland & Other Types of Accommodation 

Country CottagesCountry Cottages around Scotland

In Scotland, there are studios and cottages that are great for families and couples to enjoy the Scottish countryside.

Listed properties in Britain begin at the very basic and range to the luxurious. Anything rated above 2 stars does have at least a private bathroom whether it is a Bed and Breakfast, a farmhouse, castle or country cottage in Scotland. 

While hotels often offer a hearty breakfast this is not true of country cottages. Bed & Breakfasts on the other hand obviously do, and in Scottland these are some of the most affordable options.

A great place to start and finish is to check out All Scotland vacation rentals on TripAdvisor. This way, you can see what's on offer and what past guests have thought of it.

Gavinburn Cottages

Gavinburn CottagesGavinburn Cottages

Gavinburn Cottages are a good example of the quality of cottages you can find in Scotland. These are luxury self-catering accommodation options not far of the road between Glasgow and Loch Lomond in the Kilpatrick Hills.

Enjoy the countryside and the the River Clyde and with great little villages nearby. Depending on the season, there are lots of activities to enjoy in the area. For the best deals it's obviously better to book in the off season.

More information on Gavinburn Cottages.

Scotland Barrels

Inverlochy Castle

Castles are another great option for enjoying the Scottish countryside.

Inverlochy CastleInverlochy Castle

Located in the foothills of Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands. Inverlochy was originally built in 1863 and it is close to the site of the original 13th century fortress. This spot was even written about by Queen Victoria as being lovely and romantic. 

Inverlochy CastleInverlochy Castle

Activities at the resort are: tennis, fishing, a walled garden, clay shooting and snooker. Nearby are: Ben Nevis (highest mountain in UK), cruises on Loch Ness, hiking, mountain Biking, pony trekking and skiing. You can also get to Fort William easily for shopping.

Children are welcome and there are a number of activities that can be arranged for them.

Dining is in one of the 3 dining rooms. They have period and elaborate furniture as well as gifts that were given to Inverlochy Castle in the past.

There are 17 guestrooms each individually designed and having their own character. Views are of the grounds and mountains. They have DVD players, internet and a Playstations II.

More information

More Country Cottages in Scotland

Scotland travel guide at TripAdvisor also have some great options for cottages, castles and lodges

Scotland Travel Spots

Travels to Scotland, is sure to mean enjoying an environment rich in beauty and history.

From majestic castles to wonderful city settings. Here are some ideas to help you choose destinations in Scotland for travel

For more vacation ideas, visit Ireland Resorts.

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