Cabaling Beach Resort & Other Guimaras Island Options

What are the best resorts around the Cabaling Beach Resort area on Guimaras Island, Philippines? 

Climate on Guimaras Island

While you can expect warm to hot weather all year round the humidity will pick up during the the rainy season  from May to mid  November.  February is the best time to go if you are especially heat or rain effected while August is the wettest.

Average min and max temperatures in Guimaras, Philippines

Guimaras Island Overview

While Guimaras Island is well known for its thousands of acres of mango orchards there is also a lot to do, including visits to Iloilo City, a mango plantation, the Trappist Monastery and Guisi Lighthouse and the beach there.

Getting there

While there is not a direct flight to Guimaras Island from Manila, you can tak a take a direct flight to Iloilo.  Then take a jeepney or taxi to Ortiz Wharf for the 15 minute boat trip to Jordan Wharf on Guimaras.

Cabaling Beach Resort

Cabaling Beach ResortCabaling Beach Resort

Cabaling Beach Resort sure attracts a lot of the attention when it comes to resorts on Guimaras Island. When we unpack the satisfaction ratings what stands out the most is the attraction of the local area, and almost all agree this is a really worthwhile place to visit and explore.  Even those that are initially a little put off by the remoteness and the bumpy trail to get there come to fall for the charms of the place.

Of course the upside of a somewhat remote location is that you don't have to complete for beach space and the natural environment is left naturally in tact. You will also notice the good selection of fruit trees around the resort. 

Add to that a coral fringed, white sand beach, which is adaquite while not achieving the same powdery white consistency of Boracay and the attraction of Cabaling Beach Resort is starting to provide.  The position of the resort provides an outlook towards  to Panay island.

While the rooms are not as exquisite as the reputation of the resort may suggest. The bungalows are clean but not especially modern and don't looked to have been updated since the resort was built in 1999.

Video of Cabaling Beach Resort:

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Nature's Eye Resort

Nature's Eye ResortNature's Eye Resort

If you are looking at Cabaling Beach Resort then you are probably on the lookout for a little slice of secluded paradise. Cabaling Beach Resort is exactly that. Really an upscale ban b it is located a nook on the beach cove of Nueva Valencia,

This is an especially good choice for couples who are sure to enjoy  the private beach area, gardens, on-site restaurant and elegant rooms with private balconies and baths. 

Snorkeling is available.

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La Puerta Al Paraizo Beach Resort

The best beach resort currently on the island is the La Puerta Al Paraizo Beach Resort. The emphasis is on privacy. 

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