Beach Resorts in Greece

looking for beach resort Greece options. Or perhaps a great Greek vacation deal. Here are the best of the best resorts and beach destinations. 

There are two things integral to Greek culture and those are the coastline and giving visitors a warm welcome. This video will give you an idea of what can happen when these elements come together.

Beach Resorts in Greece

First we will have a look at some of the best beaches in Greece. Then we can see how the Greeks themselves enjoy the beach and look at some of the most popular places for Greece beach vacation (often popular for good reason). Finally offer some insights on how to find less well known quieter spots and offer some great ideas on finding alternate ways to enjoy Greece beach vacations.

You may also like to check out some great Greek all inclusive resorts.

There are more than 200 000 beaches in Greece. This video features some of the best of them. Below you can see reviews and links to some of the best vacations on these. Including SkiathosSantorini the Ionian IslandsMykonos, and Lindos Beach and Corfu. Also see Greece Family Beach Vacations.

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Ionian Islands Greece Beach Resorts

These are the seven Northwestern located islands with the most amazing beaches and nearly 1000 hotels and accommodation houses.

With relatively fewer resorts and less tourism this is some of the picture postcard islands with the blue waters that straddle the Greek border with Turkey. Some of the more notable islands are Corfu, Paxos, Levkas, Ithaka, Kefalonia, and Zakinthos. While the unique climate receives more rain than some of the other Greek islands, this does result in a pretty landscape if forested groves and valleys set upon the blue seas.

Image: Ionian Paxi FLICKR CC Demis Roussos - Follow Me (Ionian Islands)Ionian Islands

The islands are large and don't make for easy day trips because of the distances in between them. then perhaps it's best to choose one or two islands on great beaches and settle in for a fantastic crowd-less vacation.

Exensian Villas & Suites, Zakynthos Town

One of the top rated Greece beach resorts is on Laganas Beach and Kalamaki Beach. In addition you will also find 4 outdoor swimming pools. This is a tiny resort but the 8 guestrooms at Exensian Villas & Suites and a quality of service you usually only find at larger places.

More information and special offer son Exensian Villas & Suites, Zakynthos Town

Mykonos Beach Resorts

Located in the Cyclades, the island of Mykonos has gained a reputation over the years as a vacation hotspot. This has left many bewildered who have not succumbed to the lively charms of this somewhat vegetation free landscape which attracts a lot of tourists.  

Mykonos Family Vacations

Probably the most famous island in the magnificent clear and colorful waters of the Augean sea. 

Lots of activities and nightlife and a natural environment which will bring to mind all those iconic images you may have of diving into the pristine sea.

VIDEO: In Psarou Mykonos you will find the magnificent Grecotel Mykonos Blu Hotel

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

Mykonos Grand Hotel & ResortMykonos Greece Beach Resort

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort in Mykonos Island in Greece.  One of a few very good 5 luxury beach resorts on the island. Located on the beach of Ayios Yiannis.

MYKONOS GRAND Hotel & Resort - Special offers and reviews for a top Luxury Beach Resort

Corfu Beach Vacations

Image: FLICRCC Corfu 2003Corfu Greece Beach Resorts

Calm water wavers lap the pebbly beaches of the coves and caves or Corfu. See the best Corfu vacation options.

Bitzaro Grande Hotel In Zakynthos - See more on this resort and more with the Corfu link above.

Lidos Beach Vacations

Lidos BeachLidos Beach

A few excellent beaches and even better resorts have put Lidos beach on the vacation map.

A great location on the beachside hills of Vlýha Bay, about half an hour from Rhodes Town.

This is a stylish modern looking adult only resort with only 74 rooms and some very attractive looking jacuzzis and swimming pools. 

See the best Lindos Beach vacation options.

Family Holiday Village Rhodes

An impressive all inclusive family resort located at the beach in the bay of Kolymbia. Big grounds and endless activities for mum, dad and the kids for memorable family holidays.

A family friendly option is the family Holiday Village Rhodes which will have everything you could expect for kids including acres of splash pools, slides, playgrounds and ropes courses.

Family holidays for little ones are made easy with Children's playground's, a Waterpark, a dedicated children's buffet in main restaurant, lots of Children's pools and a babies corner in the main restaurant. Keep  in mind for kids to go on the waterslides the minimum age is 10 and 120 cm.

More information, reviews and special offers for Family Holiday Village Rhodes

Santorini Beach Vacations

See all the best Santorini hotels, Resorts and vacation rentals.

The Tsitouras Collection Hotel

The main mansion was originally built in 1780 and restored in 1985 by art collector Dimitris Tsitouras.

Now, it's been converted in 5 units, each with a separate theme and named after the unique art collection in each one.

It's located in the quiet village of Firostefani, 10 minutes (walking) from Fira. 8 km from the Santorini Airport.

Tsitouras Collection Santorini HotelTsitouras Collection Santorini Hotel

One would do well to find a resort where, art, destination and hospitality are this dramatically and expertly done. The cliffs drop off over 1000 feet wonderfully into the Mediterranean.

The Tsitouras Collection HotelThe Tsitouras Collection Hotel

Accommodations are all suites here. They demonstrate Tsitouras' personal style and respect for the Greek tradition and need of modern travelers. All bathrooms are in Greek white marble.

All meals are available and tours to the surrounding can be organized with the staff. It's not really a resort but quite an interesting - and luxurious - place to stay in Greece.

Reviewers say it's one of the most amazing Beach resort Greece options they've ever stayed at, it's very private and quiet, love that there are only 5 "houses", great service. It gets fantastic reviews.

The Tsitouras Collection Hotel

Skopelos Beach Resorts

Skiathos has long been known to have some of the best beaches in Greece. The small island won TA best beach vacation award in TA in 2012 and as well as most likely a host of other awards. Koukounaries beach is considered one of the best beaches in the Med.

Although parts of this location about 100km from Athens have lost some of their authentic Greek appeal since the onset of mass tourism over the last 40 years, the beaches make it a worthwhile vacation destination.

See the best Skiathos beach vacation options.

Skiathos Skopelos Alonissos - Magnesia Greece

Argentikon Luxury Suites, Khios

This resort is made up of 5 star luxury suites. It's located on the island of Chios, Greece, and on the very large Argentikon estate built in the 16th century. It was recently designated a historic monument.    

Great for history lovers! It's has had a multi-million dollar renovation and now stands out as one of the most perfect examples of Medieval Genovese architecture.

Argentikon Luxury Suites, KhiosArgentikon Luxury Suites, Khios

Each suite has modern amenities while being decorated with period furniture and marble bathrooms. The suites are situated in 5 buildings - each one having its own unique style.

Other amenities include shady pathways leading to secluded corners, beautiful and tranquil gardens, a restaurant and bar, sauna, spa, massage room, outdoor pool and airport transportation.

Reviewers say it's beautifully restored, has fantastic service, it's like you go back in history, a must see for all visitors to Chios.

More information and special offers on Argentikon Luxury Suites, Khios

Crete Family Vacations



The beaches of Crete provide the most numerous opportunities for family vacations. Although apart from in the West and South of this country sized island, you are likely to encounter some serious overcrowding.


South of the mainland and much of the historical action Crete offers it's own little piece of history set among crystal water shores. 


Some of the notable beach locations here are the vibrant blue waters of Elafonisi Lagoon or Kommos Bay, where you may spot a turtle gliding through the clear waters.

Sandy beaches like Malia and Hersonissos are equally popular with families and the party set, who seem to live in harmony together. 


With 150 or more hotels or more listed as being on the beach in Crete you are sure to find something that suits your needs. Then discerning diligence is worth it's weight in your search. there is not any need to settle for less than what you want.

Greece Beach Vacations for the Family

Families opting for Greece beach vacations are sure to enjoy the experience in spite of the current economic difficulties. 

With some of the major attractions closing intermittently this makes it all the better to sit back and enjoy the laid back beaches and islands. We'll take you through some of the best Greek vacation spots and experiences for families and lead you around some of the current difficulties.

Recently Elafonisi was named the top beach in Greece by TripAdvisor. This list below identifies a few that are excellent choice for a Greece family vacation. 

Best Greece Spots for Beach Vacations

Seems hard to believe we have listed all these places for a fantastic Greece beach vacation and have not yet barely mentioned Santorini. Last but definitely not least. In fact quite a few travel experts rate Santorini as the best spot for a beach vacation in Greece. Describing the attractions of Santorini hardly seems needed. Check out the video if you have not got it yet. What a beach vacation for the family to remember.

See more on Santorini vacations.

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Enjoying the Greek Island of Crete could not be easier! A true insider's guide to getting the most from Crete, its beaches, its resorts, its food, its culture, its history - and lots more!


Greece Beach Images:

Greece Clear Blue Water Image: Walter Bibikow Boat Off Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece - Photographic Print

Crete Beach Resort Image: Sakis Papadopoulos Parasols on Beach, Rethymno, Crete, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe - Photographic Print

Robert Harding Porto Katsiki Beach, West Coast of Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe - Photographic Print

Mykonos Beach Resort Image: Walter Bibikow Beach, Mykonos, Greece - Photographic Print

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