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It isn’t always easy to discern a good resort from a bad one from simply looking at the reviews. I found there is often a disparity between the review’s resorts get to what you see in real life. Sometimes I also suspected from my time working in the resort industry that hotels would host guests for getting good reviews. My wife and I then teamed up to Start Luxury Resort Bliss to give an accurate representation of what was happening in an industry often whitewashed by spectacular advertising which glosses over the reality of what was happening in the real world.  

Rather than paint everything rosy to sell holidays we provide videos from the guests who stay at the destinations you are interested in. The result is a gritty but realistic depiction of what you might expect to find. In my time working in hotels I too often found guests were often let down because they had been built up to have unrealistic expectations of their vacation. And while it is important to look forward to your vacation it is better when those expectations are managed by realistic expectations not persuasion.

I write as an industry professional with more than 15 years’ experience working in the industry, and with qualifications.

See more on my open communication ideals on my blog.

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