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Santorini is a Greek island and a popular tourist destination in the Aegean Sea. It is part of the Cyclades group of islands, which forms a chain from northwest to southeast. Santorini has been continuously inhabited since antiquity and its capital, Fira, is one of the most picturesque towns on earth. This is a great place for a Greek all-inclusive resort vacation


Santorini has many things to offer for tourists such as beautiful views of the caldera and volcano, archaeological sites, museums, churches and monasteries. The island also offers many activities such as swimming in the sea or at one of its beaches, scuba diving in clear waters or exploring the old town on foot. Santorini has something for everyone!

Santorini all-inclusive resorts

There are only two all-inclusive resorts listed in Santorini currently, and a number of large resorts - however.

The hotels in Santorini offer quality and character rather than the large, impersonal hotel chains. If you're looking for a luxury holiday or vacation with all-inclusive food then Santorini is only an average choice - however the local food options should not let you rule out this as a potential destination. Santorini is an excellent destination for a DIY all-inclusive destination taking advantage of the many local traditionally restaurants within easy walking distance. 

Santorini is a great destination for foodies. There are so many restaurants and tavernas to choose from.

On Santorini island, you can find some Boutique Hotels that offer very well priced rooms - including clean, well-maintained lodging with amenities. Explore them because they are emerging in the small island's accommodations business.

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Santorini All-Inclusive

Santorini All Inclusive Packages

Cheap holiday packages are often criticised for being overpriced and not as authentic as they claim. Booking a Santorini holiday package online usually has hidden expenditure such as additional luggage, hotel taxes, and excessive service charges etc.

Here are a few options that are more affordable:

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All-inclusive hotels in Santorini. These are Hotel deals, vacation packages and all-inclusive rate plans from Expedia

santorini-all-inclusive-packagesSantorini All Inclusive Packages

Why visit Santorini, Greece on an all-inclusive holiday?

Santorini is an island with a unique culture, breathtaking views, and delicious food. It's also diverse - there are plenty of activities for every traveler!

Santorini is an island in the Aegean Sea with a small population in the low thousands. It has a beautiful view, with its famous white-washed houses and blue domed churches sitting on top of the cliffs.

santorini-all-inclusive-holidaySantorini, Greece On An All-Inclusive Holiday

Fira, Santorini 


Fira is famous for its iconic white buildings.

The town of Fira overlooks the caldera, which is the collapsed top of an ancient volcanic crater.

This town has lots of cafes, restaurants and shops to explore..

Fira is the capital city of Santorini. It is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful architecture and rich history. Santorini has been inhabited since at least the 8th century BC, and it has an important place in Greek mythology.

Enigma Suites, Fira Santorini


Enigma Suites, Fira Santorini

Enigma Suites, Fira Santorini is a luxury boutique hotel that offers a luxurious stay in the heart of Santorini. It is located on the edge of the caldera with stunning views of the Aegean Sea. The hotel has been awarded with The Leading Hotels of the World and has been named as one of the best hotels in Greece and Europe by TripAdvisor. The hotel has a total of 5 different types of suites to suit everyone’s needs: Signature, Classic, Signature Plus, Penthouse and Premier Suite.

Officially the Enigma Suites in Fira offer 4-star accommodation although this seems to defy reality given how spectacular the place is and vacinity to Thera Volcanoand right by the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral. and only a short walk to the Skaros Rock Ruins.

Expect a gorgeous continental breakfast.

Although this is not all-inclusive you only need to walk a few minutes and have a huge array of authentic Greek dishes at V Lounge Cafe.

The suites are designed with the best materials offering a sense of luxury and comfort that every visitor is sure to enjoy. The rooms have been designed to suit the needs of all types of travelers: families, couples or individuals. But really it's for couples. 

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View from our terrace in Enigma Suites

Oia, Santorini

Oia Santorini All Inclusive Packages

Oia is a town on the eastern tip of Santorini in Greece. It is a breathtaking place to visit and explore. The town has a population of about 2,000 people and offers some incredible views of the caldera, the volcano and the sunset.

The town has been featured in many movies including Mamma Mia! and Captain Corelli's Mandolin. It was also shown in an episode of Friends as Monica's honeymoon destination.

Oia is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to experience Greece.

The crystal blue waters, white sand, and black volcanic rock make for an amazing backdrop for any vacation photo.

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Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki & Oia Castle

Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki & Oia Castle


Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki & Oia Castle is a luxury hotel in Santorini. It is located on the hill of Aspaki, near the village of Oia. The hotel offers views of the Aegean Sea and the volcano. The hotel has a total of 18 rooms and suites, all with balconies and sea views. The rooms are decorated in white and blue tones with modern furniture.


Pros: Multi Award Wining Hotel offering romance and privacy. This is a luxurious boutique hotel that offers an authentic experience to its guests through its personalized service and stunning views.

  • Great Caldera & Volcano Views.
  • A great option for honeymooners
  • Common Pool area. 

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Imerovigli, Santorini

Imerovigli is a small village on the edge of Santorini, Greece. It is often overlooked by tourists but provides a great opportunity to explore the Greek culture.

Imerovigli is a small village on the edge of Santorini, Greece. It's often overlooked by tourists but provides an excellent opportunity to explore the Greek culture. The town is made up of white houses with blue roofs and a handful of restaurants and shops.

The town itself has many churches that are worth visiting, including the Church of Saint Nikolaos which dates back to 1787. Imerovigli also has some beautiful views from its cliffs, perfect for taking in the sunset over Santorini and enjoying a glass of wine or two with friends as you watch it all go down!

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Imerovigli, Santorini - Virtual Walking Tour & Orientation

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini offers the perfect balance of relaxation and excitement. It is a unique luxury resort that combines a stunning location, great service and luxurious amenities, making a stay in Santorini unforgettable.

  • Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini offers:
  • 24-hour room service
  • Daily housekeeping services
  • 500 m² indoor heated swimming pool

Enjoy a magnificent sun terrace and bar with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and caldera

2 outdoor swimming pools with children's pool, water slide, outdoor jacuzzi, sunbeds and umbrellas for rent out for an additional fee and more.

With 62 rooms and suites this is more like a full scale resort in comparison to many of the other properties on Santorini. Yet many of the rooms (10) do offer private Jacuzzi and 37 feature a private pool. 

The location means it is possible to access Oia and Fira.

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa SantoriniNikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini is the perfect destination for your next vacation. The resort offers a variety of activities from casual dining to beach clubbing. Start your day with a refreshing swim in the pool and finish it off with a relaxing drink at the bar.

Pros: You are sure to be pampered while staying in this beautiful hotel on the world’s most picturesque island.

Cons: Not the clasic image of a santorini vacation

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Santorini on

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All Inclusive Packages to Santorini

There are a number of reasons why Santorini is a popular destination for all-inclusive vacations. The island is one of the most beautiful in the world, and it has a lot to offer. The beaches are some of the best in Greece, and there are plenty to choose from.

The best all-inclusive deals in Santorini will depend on your budget and what you want out of your vacation. If you're looking for luxury, then you'll need to be prepared to spend more money. But if you're looking for something more affordable, then there are plenty of options that can suit your needs as well.

There are three main factors that you should consider when booking your next all inclusive vacation package.

But you really also should consider/compare booking your accommodation and flights separately as well. 

As mentioned elsewhere, Santorini is packed with quality Taverns and places to Eat. It really is one of the highlights of staying here.  

- The number of people in your group

- Your budget

- Your interests

Sailing Santorini package

10 days all-inclusive sail from Santorini to Santorini from G Adventures

A yacht adventure is the ideal way to experience what many consider the world’s most beautiful islands in Greece. All Inclusive hiking, snorkelling, dine on fresh seafood have a little Ouzo! 

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Dana Villas & Infinity Suites

Many have asked about the availability of All-Inclusive resorts in Santorini. Generally however the all-trip format with meals included is not available, and the style lends more towards quirky family-owned properties. Some like the Dana Villas & Infinity Suites have all-inclusive packages, however. 

Adult Only Santorini Resorts

Santorini is a popular tourist destination for couples and honeymooners. The island has many resorts that are family friendly, but there are also resorts that are adult only. These resorts offer a romantic getaway for couples who want to enjoy the beauty of the Aegean Sea.

adult-only-santorini-resortsAdult Only Santorini Resorts

Not surprisingly a massive 600 out of the 1600 properties on Santorini are regarded as Romantic by TripAdvisor

That does not mean these are adult only hotels and resorts, however. But it's not the type of location you can expect to see hoards of kids around at the same time. I am able to share the link which should include the Adult only filter here: 

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The 5 Best Things to Do on a Santorini Vacation

Santorini is a Greek island, famous for its beautiful sunsets and picturesque views. It is also a popular vacation destination for tourists from around the world. Santorini has many things to offer, so here are the 5 best things to do on your next Santorini vacation.

things-to-do-on-a-santorini-vacationRed Beach on a Santorini Vacation
  • Visit the Akrotiri archaeological site and see how ancient Greeks lived in this region thousands of years ago
  • Take a scenic drive around the island
  • Explore some of the most beautiful vistas in all of Greece
  • Hike up to the top of Mount Oia and enjoy an unobstructed view of the caldera below
  • Get a taste of local cuisine at one of many restaurants that serve traditional Greek food
  • Cruise around the island
  • Visit Oia, Santorini's most famous village
  • Go to Red Beach and enjoy the sunsets
  • Visit a winery

Fira to Oia Hike

The walk starts in Fira, the capital of Santorini and it will take you in a 5-hour long tour through the villages of Pyrgos, Megalochori, Monolithos and Thirassia.

You will see some spectacular views with traditional houses built on the cliffs or close to each other. You will also see ancient churches and monasteries that are still operating today.

More detain on the Fira to Oia Satorini, Greece Walk

This is a walk from the Fira to Oia. This walk starts from the Fira, the capital of Santorini, passing by churches and archaeological sites. The route is about 8 miles long and should take about 4-6 hours to complete. The walk begins with a descent down to the port of Athinios and then a steep ascent back up to the top of Fira where there are several churches. The next stop is at Pyrgos, which has an amphitheatre that was built in Roman times. It is believed that this was once the site of a temple dedicated to Aphrodite. From here you will head on towards Monastery of Profitis Ilias, which is one of the most important Byzantine monuments on Santorini. The route continues through some agricultural land before descending down to Agios Nikolaos beach where there is a church. The walk continues through vineyards and mountains where you will pass by an archaeological site, Koules Cave. The route then ascends up to the next plateau where you can see views of the volcano and the three villages in front of it. From here you will go back down to Oia Satorini, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Food is Delicious and the Wine is Priceless

Although there are not too many all-inclusive resorts in Santorini this is compensated by the amount of good restaurants where you can choose from an unlimited number of traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes. 

Video: Best Food In Santorini, Oia Greece. Where to eat restaurants

The best food in Santorini is the Traditional Greek dishes. They are made with fresh ingredients and they are delicious. Santorini also has a variety of wines to choose from, so if you're feeling like trying something new, you can always go for the local wines!

Santorini is a beautiful island with amazing food, but it might be difficult for you to find the best places to eat. That's why we've created this list of 10 restaurants in Santorini - so you can enjoy the food and wine like a local.

I include this section to point out that you don't need an all-inclusive resort or vacation package to enjoy the best food. 

1) Oia

2) Zeta's Taverna

3) Blue Sea

4) Ammoudi Bay

5) Kastro

6) The Olive Press Restaurant

7) The Taverna at Pyrgos Village

8) Thalassa Restaurant & Bar

9) Kite Beach Club Restaurant & Bar

10. Kokkini Portes

Conclusion & Helpful Tips For Planning Your Trip To Santorini!

This section will be on tips for planning your trip to Santorini.

The first thing you need to do is to decide when you want to go. You can go in the summer, winter, or fall. The thing about going in the summer is that it’s really hot and there are a lot of tourists. If you want somewhere with a more laid-back vibe, then winter or fall is better for you.

The climate in Santorini is Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average annual temperature is around 18°C.

If you're going in the summer, then make sure you book your hotel early because they will fill up fast!

Santorini, Greece has always been a popular tourist destination. The island has the most number of hotels on the island and is the most popular destination for tourists. The number of tourists visiting Santorini, Greece has gradually increased over time and is expected to continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

Santorini is the crown jewel of Greece and it's a tourist's dream. It's known for its breathtaking views, climate and culture. It's a popular spot for honeymooners and wedding planners. But its not inaccessable and affordable even now. 

Tourism is a major industry in Santorini and it has been steadily growing for the last few years. A few years back, there were over 1.5 million tourists who visited the island and spent an average of €1,700 per person. But there are ways to spend much less than that.

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