The Best Montego Bay All Inclusive Resorts

Montego Bay all-inclusive resorts are among the best in the world. Montego Bay, Jamaica is really one of the great places for a vacation, and you won't go wrong here (assuming you've picked the right resort).

In a location famous for all-inclusive resorts, it can be a bit overwhelming to go through the lists (and lists) of resorts and figure out which ones really are good. 

But you can relax!

We've done the research and watched these resorts for years. Some fall off of the best of the best list but most don't falter. You won't go wrong with the all inclusive resorts listed below.

Sandals IslandBeautiful Sandals Island - Montego Bay All Inclusive Resorts

If you haven't read up too much on Montego Bay, the following information should be helpful to you. 

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Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Montego Bay, Jamaica

The All Inclusive Resorts

The Best of the Best

Resorts in Montego Bay (and Jamaica as well) are high quality

And we're not just saying that!

They really are good. Customer service is often excellent, facilities as well and there is a lot of choice.

We've listed these resorts because they get excellent reviews by past guests, they have a lot to offer and they try just that little bit harder to make your stay as good as it can be.

Story of Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall

Iberostar Grand Rose Hall, Best Montego Bay Adult Only All-Inclusive

In the halcyon summer, my passport to paradise led me to the Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall. My weary feet had traced a thousand paths across the globe, but this was a journey that would imprint itself indelibly on my heart.

Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae and the canvas of stunning hues of Caribbean culture, promised a respite from the relentless bustle of New York City. I arrived at the hotel, an architectural wonder that coalesced seamlessly with the lush Jamaican landscape, and was greeted by a symphony of serene waves crashing against the pristine white sands of Montego Bay. The captivating azure of the sea danced in my eyes, competing fiercely with the entrancing greens of the surrounding vegetation.


The resort was tucked away in the Northern Estates, an oasis of tranquility isolated from the usual tourist frenzy. I was greeted with bright smiles and the hotel's signature rum punch, a cocktail that hummed with the heady allure of the island. Each room, imbued with the spirit of Jamaica, came furnished with a private balcony that kissed the ocean breeze and a jetted bathtub that beckoned for indulgent soaks.

I had chosen a room with butler service, and found myself in the tender care of Mr. Winston, a man whose kindness was as boundless as his knowledge of the island. Our interactions were filled with laughter, wisdom, and anecdotes about the local culture, making me feel like I was home, thousands of miles away from my New York apartment.

It was at the SPA Sensations where I had my first encounter with true Jamaican pampering. My masseuse, Fiona, with hands as soothing as the island breeze, introduced me to the magic of thalassotherapy. The serenity that the sea-salt treatment offered was a balm to my city-frayed nerves. I learned that pampering could be found not just in a spa, but in the cool sweep of the ocean, in the melodious lullaby of the waves, and in the soft kiss of the sun.

If the resort's amenities were its body, then its gastronomy was undoubtedly its soul. I dined on authentic Jamaican jerk chicken, the smoky and spicy flavors dancing on my palate, at one of the five restaurants. The Italian cuisine at another restaurant was a heartening nod to international palates.

But it wasn't just the resort's stunning facilities that left an imprint on my heart. It was the stories, the shared laughter, and the human connections that turned this paradise into a home. It was the vivacious spirit of Jamaica, embodied in every staff member, every local I met, every piece of art adorning the hotel walls.

However, I have to admit, the Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall may not cater to everyone's taste. For travelers seeking a more family-oriented vacation with a dash of local culture and history, the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa might be a more fitting choice. The beauty of Jamaica is that it caters to all, a mosaic of experiences waiting to be discovered.

Looking back, my journey to the Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall was more than just a trip. It was a sensory experience, a narrative etched into the tapestry of my life. I left the island with my heart filled with the rhythm of reggae, the warmth of the people, and the taste of rum punch lingering on my lips. Jamaica had been a passport to not just paradise, but a journey of self-discovery. And for that, I will always be grateful.

Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall - Pros, Cons, and Features:


  1. Luxury Resort: This 5-star luxury property ensures a premium vacation experience, providing amenities and services that are top-notch.
  2. Adults-Only: Being an adults-only resort allows for a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere.
  3. Wide Variety of Amenities: From free breakfast buffet and a nightclub to a white sand beach and free beach cabanas, the resort has plenty to offer.
  4. SPA Sensations: The on-site spa provides a variety of treatments, including thalassotherapy, body wraps, and more.
  5. Butler Service: Select rooms come with butler service, offering an extra layer of personalized care and luxury.
  6. Cuisine Options: The resort houses 4 restaurants, offering a wide range of cuisine, including local Jamaican and Italian.


  1. Limited to Adults: Families with children may not find this resort suitable due to its adults-only policy.
  2. Lack of Cultural Immersion: For those seeking a deep cultural experience, the resort may fall short as it primarily caters to luxury and relaxation.
  3. Not Ideal for Budget Travelers: Given its high-end services and amenities, it may not be the best choice for travelers on a budget.


  1. Spa and Wellness: The SPA Sensations offers a range of treatments that promise relaxation and rejuvenation.
  2. Butler Service: This service is available in select rooms for an elevated luxury experience.
  3. Culinary Excellence: The four on-site restaurants serve a variety of cuisines, satisfying a range of gastronomic desires.
  4. Activities: There are plenty of activities to indulge in, including windsurfing, parasailing, and snorkeling.
  5. Comfortable Rooms: All rooms are spacious and well-furnished, including amenities like jetted tubs, rainfall showers, HDTVs, and more.
  6. Environmentally Friendly: The resort implements sustainable practices such as recycling, use of LED light bulbs, and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Alternative Recommendation:

For those seeking a more family-oriented vacation or a more immersive cultural experience, the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa might be a more fitting choice. It offers a wide range of activities suitable for all ages and is known for its authentic Jamaican vibes.

If you have stayed at some of the other Iberostar resorts around Montego Bay, you will find this one is definitely a step up from their Rose Hall properties.

But that's not all. 

You get to enjoy the full range of activities available throughout their web of enterprises including scores of bars and more than 10 restaurants. 

Iberostar Grand Rose Hall Montego Bay All InclusiveIberostar Grand Rose Hall

This is a true 5-star all inclusive with relaxing ocean views, wide open rooms, and with access to local facilities and restaurants.

The continued excellence of the service here has been rewarded with acclaims coming from a variety of tourism bodies.

In recent years, this resort came in at number 5 as one of the top all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean (TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards). Since then, the service and facilities have remained in excellent condition.

Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall All-InclusiveThe swim-up bar

Some notable inclusions in the packages are:

  • Food and beverage 24 hours.
  • Spa and gym.
  • Daily activities and shows.
  • Mini-Club for children.

Meals and snacks are provided in buffet or à la carte restaurants.

Check Reviews and Prices:

More information and special offers for the Iberostar Grand, Montego Bay.

Secrets Wild Orchid

Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay- Best Luxury All Inclusive Couples Resort

In the warm embrace of the Caribbean sun, nestled on a half-mile stretch of Jamaica's pristine Montego Bay, is where I discovered Secrets Wild Orchid. It was one of those trips that, as a travel writer, felt less like work and more like a personal adventure.

As soon as I stepped out of the taxi, I was swept up in the resort's effortless charm. The ambiance was an intoxicating mix of laid-back luxury and the authentic spirit of Jamaica, a cocktail that was hard to resist. It was as if the resort was whispering in my ear, "Welcome, Sarah. You're home."

As a New Yorker, my sense of home was skyscrapers and crowded subways. But Secrets Wild Orchid felt like a different kind of home, one that was both far removed and strangely familiar. From the lush greenery swaying in the sea breeze to the tranquil turquoise waters of the bay, everything felt comforting, inviting, and yet exotic.

My suite was a tasteful mix of modern elegance and Caribbean aesthetics. I found myself particularly smitten with the private balcony. There, I could feel the sun on my skin, listen to the rhythm of the sea, and let the panoramic views of the bay take my breath away. Each morning, I woke up to this glorious spectacle and thought, "If this isn't paradise, I don't know what is."

But Secrets Wild Orchid is not just about the magnificent views and luxurious accommodation; it’s also about the people you meet. There was Marley, the charismatic bartender at the swim-up bar. He was a poet with cocktails, weaving magic with rum and tropical fruits. Every evening, over stories and laughter, we'd indulge in his latest creation. We talked about everything, from the subtleties of jerk seasoning to the depth of Bob Marley's lyrics. He taught me that a good cocktail, like a good story, should awaken the senses and linger in the memory.

One afternoon, I ventured out on a snorkeling excursion arranged by the resort. Underneath the water's surface, I found a world teeming with life. The brilliant colors of the coral and the graceful dance of the tropical fish felt like I was floating through a living watercolor painting.

One thing that I deeply appreciated was the resort’s respect for the environment. Every aspect of the resort was designed with sustainability in mind - from the eco-friendly cleaning practices to recycling programs and the use of LED lights. It was comforting to see luxury co-existing harmoniously with nature.

Though Secrets Wild Orchid is a feast for the senses, it's the emotional connection that I’ll remember the most. It's the laughter and stories exchanged with Marley, the awe-inspiring beauty of the underwater world, the mesmerizing rhythm of the sea heard from my balcony. These are the threads that weave the tapestry of unforgettable travel experiences.

So, if you're looking for a place where luxury and nature intertwine, where the hospitality is as warm as the Caribbean sun, I recommend Secrets Wild Orchid. It might not just be a vacation; it might feel like coming home. And if you're seeking something more family-friendly, or perhaps something with a little less hustle and bustle, consider the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall, known for its serene atmosphere and family-oriented activities.


  1. Luxurious Accommodations: The resort offers lavish suites with stunning ocean views, private balconies, and jacuzzis, providing an ultimate comfort experience.
  2. All-Inclusive: The resort offers unlimited luxury, which means access to gourmet dining, top-shelf spirits, 24-hour room service, and daily refreshed mini-bar.
  3. Exciting Activities: From water sports to nightly live entertainment, there's always something to do.
  4. Multiple Dining Options: With seven gourmet restaurants, a buffet, a café, and a grill, there are plenty of food options to choose from.
  5. Spa Facilities: The world-class spa provides a wide range of treatments for ultimate relaxation.
  6. Environmentally Friendly: The resort uses eco-friendly cleaning practices, has recycling programs, and uses LED light bulbs.


  1. Busy Atmosphere: Due to its popularity, the resort can sometimes feel crowded and noisy, which might not suit travelers looking for a serene, quiet vacation.
  2. Reservations for Dining: Some of the more popular restaurants require advance reservations, which might not be ideal for those who prefer spontaneous plans.
  3. Extra Costs: While the resort is all-inclusive, some amenities and services come with an additional charge, like spa treatments, private dinners, and certain water sports.


  1. Preferred Club: This exclusive club offers a private lounge, premium suite locations, access to the private beach, and other special perks.
  2. Fitness Center: The state-of-the-art fitness center offers yoga classes, cardio equipment, and free weights.
  3. Wedding Services: The resort offers wedding packages for those looking to tie the knot in a tropical paradise.
  4. Meeting Facilities: It has dedicated spaces for business meetings or other events.
  5. Onsite Dining: With nine restaurants and eight chic bars and lounges, there's something to suit every palate.
  6. Entertainment: The resort provides nightly live entertainment, theme parties, and dance classes.
  7. Water Activities: Guests can partake in snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, or deep-sea fishing.

Keep in mind that while Secrets Wild Orchid offers an, energetic experience, if you are looking for a more family-oriented or quieter setting, consider options like the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall.

Like some other great Montego Bay all-inclusive resorts, this one has a huge selection of ten restaurants where bookings are not taken. While this does have implications which can work both ways it does seem to work here and leads to a more relaxed atmosphere. 

The rooms are really quite large with many backing romantically onto the pool in what is really a couple's love nest.

You won't see any kids around here.

Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay Luxury All Inclusive Couples ResortSecrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay All Inclusive Couples Resort

This adults only luxury all inclusive resort offers a lot of privacy and the opportunity for romance (lots of ways to make your girl feel important guys).

It is a stylish resort on the beach and includes: 

  • 10 restaurants 
  • swim up poolside bar
  • hot and cold buffet breakfast. 
  • top reviews all round. 

It's hard to go wrong with this one. Really good reviews as well.

Check Reviews and Prices:

More information on Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay - Luxury All Inclusive

Sandals Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort

  • The original Sandals Couples Resort at Montego Bay on 26 acres of lush gardens fronting Jamaica's largest private white sand beach
  • 10 minutes from Sangster International Airport – this is quite close for the complimentary shuttle to bring you to and from. The planes are only sometimes audible.
  • A close position for exploring Montego Bay restaurants and facilities as well. 
  • Really this is an immaculate resort in the whole designed for adults to enjoy the most of their time away. Sandals also does very well at creating luxurious outdoor spaces, both at this resort and their other resorts nearby which you are free to enjoy as well. 
Sandals Montego Bay All Inclusive ResortSandals Montego Bay All Inclusive Resort

Amenities include:

  • 5 gourmet restaurants on the property  
  • another 6 restaurants at the neighboring Sandals Royal Caribbean and the Sandals Inn
  • snorkeling
  • scuba diving
  •  waterskiing
  • tennis
  • state-of-the-art fitness center
  • a domed amphitheater for entertainment
  • 4 swimming pools
  • swim-up bar
  • four whirlpools
  • access to other Sandals Resorts

Reviewers highly recommended this resort with beaches better some other Jamaican Sandals resorts. Staff are quick with a smile and are ready to help with the entertainment games or share some island history.

Rooms: check out the Roc Estate Beachfront Villa Suites (1593 sq. ft.) with a full size sundeck.

Check Reviews and Prices:

More information on Sandals Montego Bay

Video: Sandals Montego Bay ‒ The Luxury All-Inclusive Resort That Started It All

Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa

Top Family All- Inclusive Resort in Montego Bay: Hilton Rose Hall Resort And Spa

Stepping out onto my private balcony, the morning sun warmed my skin, its gentle rays casting a glow on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. This was Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa, an all-inclusive slice of heaven nestled along Jamaica's stunning coastline.

Throughout my stay, the resort became my playground. The sprawling water park called out to the child in me, and the lazy river soothed me into a blissful tranquility. I lounged on the private beach, my toes digging into the warm, soft sand, while the non-motorized water sports tested my adrenaline rush.

One day, I ventured out to play at the Cinnamon Hill golf course, the 18-hole masterpiece beautifully etched by Robert von Hagge against the backdrop of the expansive sea. Between the drives and putts, the history of the place unraveled, with each hole offering a unique story dating back to the 17th century.

Each evening brought new gustatory adventures. The six restaurants and four bars provided a culinary journey spanning local Caribbean delights to international favorites. I feasted on exquisite meals, sipped on carefully crafted cocktails, and delighted in the delectable desserts, each bite a celebration of flavor.

Retreating into the comforting embrace of the Radiant Spa was my solace. Here, I experienced profound tranquility, my body and soul rejuvenated under the expert hands of skilled therapists.

But what truly made Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa special were the people. From the poolside concierge to the smiling staff at the restaurants, each member strived to make my stay an unforgettable experience.

Hilton Montego Bay Family ResortHilton Montego Bay Family Resort


  1. All-inclusive: With meals, activities, and entertainment included, the resort offers value for money.
  2. Water park: The on-site water park is a standout feature, especially for families.
  3. Golf Course: The championship golf course adds a unique feature to the resort.
  4. Private Beach: The resort's private beach offers a tranquil and exclusive spot for relaxation.
  5. Variety of Dining Options: With six restaurants and four bars, guests can enjoy a wide range of dining experiences.


  1. Can Be Crowded: The resort can get quite crowded, especially during peak travel periods.
  2. Noisy Entertainment: Evening entertainment can be noisy and may disturb guests seeking a quiet vacation.
  3. Limited Pool Space: During busy periods, finding space at the pools may be challenging.


  1. Six Restaurants and Four Bars: This offers a broad range of dining options.
  2. Spa: The Radiant Spa offers a variety of treatments to relax and rejuvenate.
  3. Kids/Teen Clubs: The resort provides activities and entertainment for younger guests.
  4. Nightly Entertainment: The resort organizes nightly events for the entertainment of guests.
  5. Tours and Excursions: The resort offers a range of tours and excursions to help guests explore local attractions.

If you're seeking a family-friendly, all-inclusive resort with a plethora of activities and amenities, Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa is an excellent choice. However, if you prefer a quieter, more adult-focused getaway, consider properties such as the Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall.

Special offers Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa - All Inclusive

Grand Palladium Resort, Montego Bay

Alright, let's delve into the Grand Palladium Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This resort is part of a larger complex that includes two sister hotels, and it offers a vast array of services and facilities.


  1. Vast Accommodation Options: The resort offers a wide range of rooms, from standard to suites, all spacious and well-appointed.
  2. Multiple Dining Options: With more than ten restaurants and over thirteen bars throughout the complex, there's plenty of culinary diversity.
  3. Entertainment and Activities: The resort offers many entertainment options, such as live music shows, disco, and sports facilities. It also has an extensive program of activities for children and teenagers.
  4. Inclusive Packages: The all-inclusive packages cover meals, drinks, and many activities, offering good value for money.
  5. Location: It's close to some attractions in Montego Bay, like the Rose Hall Great House.
  6. Zentropia Palladium Spa & Wellness: A fantastic spa facility with various treatments, gym, and hydrotherapy circuit.


  1. Size: The size of the resort complex can be overwhelming. It might take a while to get from one point to another, which might be a problem for guests with mobility issues.
  2. Busy and Crowded: During peak seasons, the resort can be quite busy, leading to overcrowded facilities and longer wait times at restaurants.
  3. Reservations for Dining: Some popular restaurants require advance reservations.


  1. Wide Range of Facilities: The resort offers a variety of facilities, including four pools, a sports complex, kids club, and teen lounge.
  2. Diverse Restaurants: The resort boasts an impressive selection of international cuisines, including Mexican, Italian, Indian, and Asian fusion.
  3. Beachfront Location: The resort sits on a beautiful sandy beach, perfect for lounging or taking a dip in the turquoise waters.
  4. Entertainment: Daily activities and nightly entertainment keep guests entertained.
  5. Fitness and Spa: A state-of-the-art fitness center and full-service spa cater to wellness enthusiasts.

Note: Grand Palladium is great for travelers who enjoy large resort complexes with a wide range of options. However, if you prefer a more intimate, boutique-style experience, you might want to look at other options like the Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay.

Located in the coastal town of Lucea, Hanover, on the north eastern coast of Jamaica. (This is about an hour away from Montego Bay but definitely worth including it here.)

  • an all inclusive spa resort on a private beach
  • great restaurants
  • swim up bar
  • a poolside bar
  • 5 outdoor swimming pools
  •  and more
Grand Palladium Resort Montego BayGrand Palladium Montego Bay All Inclusive Vacation Resort

While not quite getting the reviews of some other Montego Bay all inclusive resorts on this page, this resort does wow a lot of visitors. Also looks like visits have improved recently and families are loving it.

Check out the latest reviews of the Grand Palladium Jamaican Spa & Resort

Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa All Inclusive  deals @ expedia

Sandals Royal Caribbean Montego Bay Resort and Private Island

Let's explore the Sandals Royal Caribbean Montego Bay Resort and Private Island, a renowned property known for its colonial elegance and exclusive offshore island getaway.


  1. Private Offshore Island: The resort features a private offshore island with an authentic Thai restaurant, which provides a unique feature not found in other resorts.
  2. Variety of Dining Options: With eight restaurants on-site, guests can indulge in a diverse range of cuisines.
  3. Accommodation: The resort offers a wide range of accommodation options, from luxurious rooms to over-the-water villas.
  4. All-Inclusive: As with all Sandals resorts, this one is adults-only and all-inclusive, meaning all meals, drinks, and many activities are included in the price.
  5. Water Sports: Complimentary water sports, including snorkeling and windsurfing, add extra value.
  6. Butler Service: Available in top-tier suites, providing an extra level of luxury and personalization.


  1. Price: Sandals Royal Caribbean can be pricey, especially compared to other resorts in the area.
  2. Busy and Crowded: The resort can be crowded, especially during peak seasons.
  3. Airplane Noise: Its close proximity to the airport can result in occasional noise from passing airplanes.


  1. Private Island: The offshore private island with a pool, bar, and restaurant is a unique feature.
  2. Luxurious Over-The-Water Villas: These villas provide an extraordinary accommodation experience with their glass floor panels and tranquility soaking tubs.
  3. Red Lane Spa: The resort's spa offers Caribbean-inspired treatments for ultimate relaxation.
  4. Diverse Dining: The variety of dining options offers tastes from around the world, including French, Thai, and Caribbean cuisines.
  5. Stay at One, Play at Three: This program allows guests to enjoy the amenities and services of all Sandals resorts in Montego Bay.

While Sandals Royal Caribbean offers a luxury experience, it might not be suitable for everyone, especially those on a budget. For a less expensive option with a similar tropical ambiance, consider the Grand Palladium Resort in Montego Bay.

  • Another excellent couples resort right next to the Sandals Resort Montego Bay.
  • You can share the facilities with two other resort nearby. For example, this would give opportunities of dining in 11 different top class restaurants.
  • Of all the Sandals resorts, this one gets the best feedback and is the most upscale.
Montego Bay Luxury ResortMontego Bay Luxury Resort


  • Continental breakfast in bed
  • offshore, private island with a pool & swim-up bar
  • private beach 
  • Thai restaurant
  • four gourmet restaurants
  • five bars.

Rooms: at the Concierge (CS) level, guestrooms have a four-poster King bed, in-room bar and special concierge services. Suites have full room-service, marble bath adjacent to living area, and a patio or balcony.

Reviews: Guests liked that the resort was smaller and more intimate than some other Sandals (like the Royal Bahamian and Grande St. Lucian). Staff are reported to be excellent and food is very good. 

Deal! Get 2 Nights Free plus save up to 65% and a $250 Red Lane Spa credit at Sandals Royal Caribbean. Click Here!

Check Reviews and Prices

More on Sandals Royal Caribbean.

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Spa & Resort Montego Bay

Nestled in the radiant warmth of Jamaica's sun-dappled coast lies the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Spa & Resort, a luxurious retreat that stands as an emblem of tranquility and opulence. From its stunning architectural design to the diverse range of amenities, this all-inclusive resort truly caters to the tastes of its varied guests.


  1. Variety of Amenities: The resort offers a vast array of amenities ranging from spacious, elegantly appointed rooms and suites, multiple dining options with a wide variety of cuisines, and several pools, both for adults and kids.
  2. Spa & Wellness Center: Perhaps one of the standout features of the resort is the top-notch Zentropia Spa & Wellness center. Here, guests can indulge in a wide range of treatments from rejuvenating massages to holistic wellness therapies.
  3. Entertainment and Activities: The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton doesn't disappoint when it comes to keeping its guests entertained. With an array of activities like water sports, live music shows, and a mini-golf course, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
  4. Exemplary Service: The staff's exceptional service is a major highlight. They are attentive, friendly, and go above and beyond to ensure guests have a memorable stay.
  5. Location: Its prime location on the Montego Bay provides an unobstructed view of the Caribbean Sea, offering a unique sense of serenity and connection with nature.


  1. Price: Given the luxury amenities and services, the resort comes with a fairly high price tag. It may not suit budget travelers.
  2. Occasionally Crowded: During peak times, the resort can get crowded, especially around the pools and dining areas, which could lead to wait times.
  3. Limited Dining Reservation Slots: The à la carte restaurants operate on a reservation basis and the slots can fill up quickly, particularly during peak travel times.


  1. Accommodation: With 512 rooms that include ocean view suites and villas, the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton ensures its guests experience true Jamaican luxury.
  2. Dining: The resort boasts seven à la carte restaurants with global cuisines, three buffet restaurants, and 17 bars scattered throughout the resort.
  3. Outdoor Activities: The resort offers a variety of outdoor activities including water sports like kayaking and windsurfing, tennis courts, and even a mini-golf course.
  4. Kid's Club: A dedicated kids' club with an array of fun-filled activities makes the resort a fantastic choice for families.
  5. Events and Conferences: The resort has well-equipped conference rooms and beautifully manicured gardens for weddings and other special events.

In summary, the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Spa & Resort, Montego Bay, is an excellent choice for those seeking a luxurious, all-inclusive resort experience. While the price point may be steep, the sheer range of amenities and experiences on offer truly provides value for money.

  • This beachfront 5 star resort is 40 minutes from Montego Bay airport in Lucea.
  • Bonus:
  • The resort shares facilities with the Grand Palladium Resort
  • This is a really great spot for the family. They have just finished a waterpark and have a kids club as well. 
Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Spa & Resort Montego BayGrand Palladium Lady Hamilton Spa & Resort Montego Bay
  • Water sports tennis, basketball, volleyball, and a and full-service spa and nightlife are also some things you'll find. 
  • Reviews of Lady Hamilton are quite good. Couples especially love this place (although we expect families to start making a strong presence with the addition of the water park.
  • Some like the theme buffets but say some days are better than others. Expect the casual pace of Jamaica here!

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Spa & Resort Montego Bay at TripAdvisor

Half Moon All Inclusive Resort (Rose Hall)

An exceptional 5 star all inclusive at Rose Hall. On 400 acres of tropical landscape on Jamaica's northern coast.

Kids: They have their own children's village and have been known to let all teenagers stay for free in the summer. Good full day and half day programs.

There's a good choice of guest rooms, suites and private villas.


  • 72-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr.
  • 13 tennis courts
  • 4 squash courts
  • 51 swimming pools
  • dolphin lagoon
  • croquet lawn
  •  putting green
  • jogging and cycling trails
  • basketball 
  • volleyball courts
  • world-class equestrian centre
  • gym with personal trainers
  • gourmet dining
  • duty-free shopping
  • complete spa facilities

That is a massive list for any resort!

Half MoonHalf Moon

Hotel Riu Palace Montego Bay, Jamaica, Adult-Only All-Inclusive Resort 

Riu-Montego-Bay-Adult-Only-All-Inclusive PoolHotel Riu Palace Montego Bay, Jamaica, All Inclusive Resort

There's a special charm about Jamaica, an irresistible pull that's kept me coming back to this island paradise year after year. But this time, my destination was Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica, a sanctuary of luxury, where each detail was painstakingly designed to cater to adults seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle of daily life.

Stepping into my room, the first thing I noticed was the sweeping views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea from the balcony. The interiors were designed to offer maximum comfort, with amenities like a plush sofa, a coffee machine for that essential morning brew, a satellite TV for entertainment, and a full bathroom stocked with all necessary toiletries.

Morning yoga sessions took place by the infinity pool, the calming rhythm of the waves providing the perfect soundtrack. Later, I'd find myself by the swim-up bar, relishing the fruity cocktails as the Jamaican sun beamed down on us. On days when I felt more adventurous, I’d dive deep into the crystal clear sea, explore the world beneath the waves, or challenge myself with a tennis match or golf.

The culinary journey at the Hotel Riu Palace was something out of a gourmet dream. From the delectable international fare to the specialty Japanese, Italian, and fusion cuisines, each meal was an affair to remember. A particular standout was the beachfront steakhouse, where the taste of succulent, perfectly-cooked meat was enhanced by the hypnotic sound of lapping waves.

In the evenings, I'd find myself swaying to live music, the warm Jamaican breeze rustling my hair. But the true highlight was the #RiuParty. The pulsating beats of top DJs filled the air, each rhythm a call to let loose and dance. Yet amidst all the excitement, there was a place for tranquility – the Renova Spa, where expert hands soothed away any lingering stress.



  1. Adults Only: The adults-only policy ensures a peaceful and relaxing environment.
  2. Room Amenities: The rooms are designed for maximum comfort, with 24-hour room service, free Wi-Fi, and other modern conveniences.
  3. Varied Cuisine: The hotel offers a wide range of dining options, including Japanese, Italian, and fusion cuisines.
  4. Activities: The hotel provides a variety of sports and activities, ensuring there's always something to do.
  5. #RiuParty: The hotel's parties, featuring top DJs and performers, are a unique and memorable experience.


  1. Crowds: The #RiuParty can be loud and crowded, which might not suit guests seeking a quiet stay.
  2. Limited Cultural Immersion: The hotel's focus on luxury and entertainment might limit opportunities for experiencing local Jamaican culture.
  3. Secluded Location: The resort's location might make exploring outside attractions somewhat difficult without planned excursions.


  1. Infinity Pools: The hotel's stunning infinity pools, complete with a swim-up bar, are a highlight.
  2. Renova Spa: The on-site Renova Spa offers a range of treatments for guests seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.
  3. Gourmet Dining: The hotel's multiple dining options provide a high-quality culinary experience.
  4. Activity Programs: The hotel provides a variety of daytime and nighttime activities, including live music.
  5. All-Inclusive Service: The all-inclusive package ensures guests can fully relax and enjoy their stay without worrying about additional costs.

While the Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica offers a luxurious, adults-only retreat with plenty of activities and gourmet dining, those seeking a family-friendly resort or more cultural immersion may prefer alternatives like the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa.

  • This 24 hour, all-inclusive adults only resort is known for its relaxing atmosphere and offers a wide range of activities.
  • There's a spa / wellness center, fresh water pool, and it's close to a number of attractions like Glistening Bay
  • Reviews are excellent for this 4-star resort by the famous Riu chain.
  • A good variety of water sports and activities and friendly and helpful entertainment staff. It's an all-inclusive resort (in Jamaica) with Venetian architecture. Interesting!
Riu Montego Bay Jamaica All Inclusive ResortRiu Montego Bay Jamaica All Inclusive Resort

All the meals are in one location, but there is a choice of the buffet, or you can visit a cooking stations. If that does not take your fancy, there is always the Italian, Asian buffet, and grilled seafood / steak restaurants.

Check Reviews and Prices:

Deals, reviews and more information on the Riu Montego Bay All Inclusive.

Top Montego Bay All Inclusive Resorts Video

We've put together a video playlist for those who really like to see what the resorts in Montego Bay are all about. 

The Montego Bay all inclusive resorts playlist includes an introduction video to some of the top Montego Bay attractions.  

fAQ for Montego Bay All Inclusive Resorts

What does "all-inclusive" mean at Montego Bay resorts?

All-inclusive in Montego Bay resorts usually means that all meals, drinks, most activities, and sometimes even airport transfers are included in the room rate. Some resorts may include extras such as mini-bar items, non-motorized water sports, and gratuities as well.

Do Montego Bay all-inclusive resorts include alcoholic beverages?

Most all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay include a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as part of their packages. However, it's always best to check the specifics with your chosen resort, as premium or imported alcohol might incur additional charges.

Can I dine at all restaurants within an all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay?

Most all-inclusive resorts allow guests to dine at all on-site restaurants. However, some restaurants may require reservations, and certain premium menu items might have an additional charge. It's best to check the dining policy of your chosen resort.

Are water sports included in all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay?

Many all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay include non-motorized water sports (like snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking) in their packages. Motorized water sports, diving excursions, or specialty activities may come with extra costs.

Are tips included in all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay?

Gratuities are typically included in the rate for all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay. However, some guests choose to provide additional tips for excellent service.

Are Montego Bay all-inclusive resorts kid-friendly?

Many all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay cater to families and have kids' clubs, family rooms, and activities suitable for children. However, some resorts, like the Hotel Riu Palace, are adults-only.

Do all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay offer airport transfers?

Some all-inclusive resorts offer airport transfers as part of their package, but it's not a standard feature at all resorts. It's best to check with your chosen resort or travel provider.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options at Montego Bay all-inclusive resorts?

Most all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay offer a variety of dining options, including meals for guests with dietary restrictions like vegetarian or vegan diets. However, it's advisable to notify the resort in advance to ensure they can cater to your needs.

Is Wi-Fi free at all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay?

Most all-inclusive resorts offer free Wi-Fi in public areas and often within guest rooms as part of their inclusive package.

What are the check-in and check-out times for Montego Bay all-inclusive resorts?

Check-in and check-out times can vary by resort, but typically, check-in starts from 3:00 PM and check-out is required by 11:00 AM. Some resorts may offer early check-in or late check-out for an additional fee.

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Stayed in some Montego Bay all inclusive resorts? Let others know which ones to go to (or stay away from).

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Hurricane season is in late summer, early fall. This leads to better prices but higher chance of rain and hurricanes. Jamaica however, does not get many hurricanes. 

Spring Break can be around March or April. Some resorts have a strict policy against Spring Breakers (and you can usually find this out on a their website).

When to Go to Montego Bay?When to Go to Montego Bay?

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