Kore All-Inclusive Tulum Wellness Resort

Just beyond the hustle and bustle of city life, tucked away in the coastal town of Tulum, sits the Kore Tulum Retreat and Spa Resort. As my taxi wound its way through the narrow streets, I caught my first glimpse of the resort, its Mediterranean architecture standing stark against the backdrop of the azure Caribbean Sea. It was an adults-only haven, promising tranquility and a welcome escape from my everyday life.

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Tulum Wellness ResortTulum Wellness Resort

Stepping into my luxury suite, I was instantly captivated by the tasteful blend of comfort and opulence. The room was adorned with warm hues and intricate detailing that echoed the local culture, while the private Jacuzzi beckoned me with its promise of unwinding and relaxation.

Over the next few days, I let the rhythm of Tulum take over. Mornings began with a stroll through the National Park, the early sunlight filtering through the dense canopy overhead. The pristine beach of Las Palmas, just a 15-minute walk from the resort, was a hidden paradise that I found myself returning to each day.

Back at Kore Tulum, I surrendered to the allure of the full-service spa. The deep-tissue massages and hot stone treatments melted away my stress, while the access to the sauna and spa tub added an extra layer of indulgence.

The resort was a gastronomic delight. The two on-site restaurants tantalized my palate with their culinary masterpieces. At Nirvana Restaurant, I savored the flavors of international cuisine, each dish prepared to perfection and a feast for the senses.

Kore Tulum Retreat and Spa Resort - Adults Only Review


  1. Exclusivity: Being an adults-only resort, it offers a peaceful, serene ambiance, perfect for couples and individuals seeking tranquility.
  2. All-inclusive luxury: The resort provides all-inclusive services, including gourmet meals, spa facilities, and high-end room amenities, ensuring a luxurious stay.
  3. Personalized service: Their emphasis on personalized service ensures every guest is treated with utmost care and attention.
  4. Location: Situated near the beach and within walking distance to Tulum National Park, the resort offers easy access to local attractions.
  5. Spa Facilities: With 10 treatment cabins, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, and relaxation area, the spa services are extensive and highly rated.
  6. Food: With multiple restaurants offering diverse culinary options, the food at Kore Tulum is highly praised.


  1. Limited parking: Parking facilities are limited, which can be a disadvantage for guests bringing their own vehicles.
  2. Exclusivity: While being an adults-only resort is a pro for many, families with children may not find this resort suitable.
  3. Pricing: With high-end luxury and all-inclusive packages, the pricing might be on the higher side compared to other local options.
  4. Booking restrictions: Some guests might find the pre-booking for spa and dining services inconvenient.


  1. Accommodation: Luxurious and spacious suites equipped with Jacuzzis.
  2. Dining: Multiple restaurants offering local and international cuisine.
  3. Amenities: Includes a full-service spa, gym, sauna, and outdoor swimming pool.
  4. Location: Proximity to Tulum National Park and local beaches.
  5. Services: Offers packages for weddings and other special events.

Scores (Out of 10)

  1. Location: 9
  2. Comfort & Quality: 9
  3. Services & Facilities: 8.5
  4. Food: 8.5
  5. Value for Money: 7.5
  6. Overall Rating: 8.5

Vlog Review

In the vlog, "TULUM VLOG: Kore Tulum Resort, Bak Restaurant & Excursions", Tamzie the Stylish Traveler takes her audience along for a weekend trip to Tulum in celebration of her friend's birthday. They start their journey in the airport where they find transportation to Kore Tulum Resort.

Upon arrival, they're impressed by the aesthetics of the resort. The vlogger emphasizes avoiding taxis and sticking with the company provided transport. Tamzie and her friends are excited to find that they are the only passengers in their shuttle. They enjoy a drink and snack for the 90-minute drive to the resort.

They marvel at the beauty of the resort, noting that there's a pool party happening. Tamzie decides to plan for some excursions, take photos of her outfit, and book a massage for the following day. They visit a beach resort for a meal and then return to Kore Tulum for massages. Tamzie also picks up two new swimsuits from a boutique.

On their last day, they plan to visit a beautiful island, presumably via a boat trip. The vlog ends with them setting off for this last adventure.

Overall, the vlog provides a relaxed, fun-filled view of a stay at the Kore Tulum Resort, showcasing the resort's amenities, the nearby attractions, and the activities available for guests.

As an all-inclusive resort, Kore Tulum provided an array of services designed to enhance my stay. The adults-only policy ensured a serene atmosphere, while the personalized service added a touch of luxury that made my experience truly unique.

Evenings at Kore Tulum were as enchanting as the days. I found myself by the poolside bar, a crafted cocktail in hand, watching as the sky painted a magnificent canvas of colors over the ocean.

Despite its opulence, Kore Tulum held a commitment to wellness that was inspiring. It was not merely a place to stay, but a destination to recover, relax, and rejuvenate. Each day, I found myself more attuned to the rhythm of this idyllic coastal town, more connected to the pulse of nature.

As my stay drew to a close, I knew that Kore Tulum had given me more than a mere vacation. It had given me a journey - a journey of serenity, wellness, and indulgence. The memories of my time there were as precious as the sands of the beach I had grown to love, and I knew that a part of me would always remain in this slice of paradise, awaiting my return.

Kore All Inclusive Tulum Wellness Resort

  • The four-star Kore All Inclusive Tulum Wellness Resort. While not the large upscale resort now really common in the Mexican Riviera, this stunning little property does have a couple of good restaurants, a swim up bar, cafeteria, a good garden, tennis court and a spa tub.
  • A lot of people who visit Tulum are looking for something different to the large all-inclusive experience. Choosing a resort like this helps keep the area unique and natural. 
Kore All Inclusive Tulum Wellness ResortKore All Inclusive Tulum Wellness Resort
  • In reality, this place is all about its natural setting and location. This is definitely a resort to consider if you are looking for a memorable all-inclusive experience to get away from it all.

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