The Islands of Mauritius: A Guide to Picking Your Perfect Paradise

The Islands Of Mauritius By Sarah

Hey there, wanderlusters and sunshine-seekers! So, you've set your heart on Mauritius, the jewel of the Indian Ocean. Yay, you! 🎉 But wait a sec—did you know that Mauritius isn't just one island but a charming archipelago? Yep, that means you've got options, darling. Whether you're planning your honeymoon, a solo self-care escape, or an adventure-packed getaway, let me guide you through these idyllic isles.

The Islands of Mauritius

Frequently Asked Questions: Choosing the Right Island Resort in Mauritius

A: For romantic getaways, consider resorts on the main island's west coast for its stunning sunsets. Île d'Ambre is also a secluded choice for honeymooners.

Q: What's the most family-friendly island?

A: The main island offers various family-friendly resorts with activities for kids and parents alike.

Q: How do I get from one island to another?

A: Most resorts offer boat services between islands, and there's also a public ferry for certain routes.

Q: Are all the islands in Mauritius expensive to stay in?

A: While some islands cater to a luxury experience, you'll find a range of options to fit various budgets, especially on the main island.

Q: Is it worth staying on a smaller island?

A: If you're seeking privacy and tranquility, smaller islands like Île d'Ambre offer an exclusive experience, often with fewer guests.

Q: What activities can I expect?

A: From snorkeling in Blue Bay Marine Park on the main island to trekking on Île d'Ambre, each island offers a unique set of activities.

Q: Is it safe to stay on the smaller islands?

A: Absolutely. Safety measures are in place across all resorts, regardless of their size or location.

Q: Do all resorts offer all-inclusive packages?

A: Many do, but it varies by resort. Check ahead to see what's included in your stay.

Q: Is the main island overcrowded?

A: While the main island is the busiest, many resorts offer private beaches to escape the crowds.

Q: When's the best time to visit Mauritius?

Ah, Mauritius is gorgeous year-round, but if you're dodging the crowds, aim for May to December. It's cooler and less humid, perfect for sipping on that rum cocktail! Answer

Q: How do I get around this tropical haven?

A: Feelin' adventurous? Local buses are an experience. For comfort, there's always taxis and rental cars. Some resorts even offer shuttle services.

Q: Got the munchies—what's the local food like?

A: Oh, you're in for a treat! Think fusion: Creole curries, French pastries, and Chinese stir-fries. Dive into street food like "dholl puri" for the real taste of the island.

Q: Is it cool to tip at restaurants and hotels?

A: Mauritians aren't huge on tipping, but a little extra never hurt, right? Especially if you've had stellar service. A 10% tip will put a smile on someone's face.

Q: What language do they speak, mate?

A: English is the official language, but you'll hear a fab mix of French and Creole. "Bonjour" and "Allo" will get you far, promise!

Q: What's the currency sitch?

A: It’s the Mauritian Rupee (MUR). Many places accept credit cards, but a few rupees in your pocket are handy for markets and local bites.

Q: What's the dress code? Flip-flops all day?

A: Flip-flops are beach-ready, but pack a pair of nice shoes for dinner, especially if you're staying at a swanky resort. You wanna look fly for those sunset pics, don't ya?

Main Island: Mauritius

Who It's For:Why Stay Here:

  • Couples looking for romance and luxury
  • Families wanting a mix of beach and activities
  • Adventurers keen on hiking and water sports

This is where you'll find a plethora of resorts, ranging from ultra-luxurious to budget-friendly. There's also no shortage of things to do—whether it's trekking up Le Morne, visiting the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens, or scuba diving in crystal-clear lagoons.Hot Picks:

  • Ambre Resort for the adults-only, all-inclusive experience.
  • Seasense Boutique Hotel & Spa for a more intimate, boutique vibe.
Ambre MauritiusAmbre Mauritius

Île d'Ambre

Who It's For:Why Stay Here:

  • Nature lovers
  • Those seeking tranquility away from tourist crowds

Think of Île d'Ambre as your personal sanctuary. It's quieter and offers a more authentic experience. The island is a nature reserve, perfect for hiking and bird-watching.Hot Picks:

  • Eco Tented Villas for a back-to-nature experience with comfort.

Île aux Cerfs

Who It's For:

Water sports enthusiasts
Golfers (yes, there's a golf course!)

Why Stay Here:

The island is known for its water activities—everything from parasailing to snorkeling. Plus, it's home to a renowned golf course designed by Bernhard Langer.
Hot Picks:

Bubble Lodges for a unique 'sleep-under-the-stars' experience.

Île d'Aigrettes

Who It's For:Why Stay Here:

  • Eco-conscious travelers
  • Wildlife enthusiasts

This island is a nature reserve that hosts some of the world's rarest birds and plants. You can have a vacation and feel good about supporting local conservation efforts.

Hot Picks:

  • Eco Cabins with solar power and organic toiletries.

Also Île aux Serpents

Who It's For:Why Stay Here:

  • Die-hard romantics
  • Privacy seekers

With only one resort on the island, this is as private as it gets. Perfect for honeymooners or anyone looking to truly 'get away.'Hot Picks:

  • Serpents Isle Luxury Resort for exclusivity and five-star service.

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