Mauritius All-Inclusive Packages: An Unfiltered Guide

Mauritius All-Inclusive Packages? By Sarah, a bona fide travel junkie from the bustling streets of New York City, USA.

Why Go All-Inclusive in Mauritius?

Alright, let's cut to the chase. I've heard some people say all-inclusive packages are for the 'lazy traveler.' To them, I say, "Have you ever been to Mauritius?" Guys, we're talking about a paradise where you can kick up your feet on a lounger with a rum cocktail in hand and have zero regrets.


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The Luxurious Angle: Five-Star Glory

Holidays in Mauritius by Kayak:


Now let's talk options. On my most recent trip, I stayed at the Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa. When they say "all-inclusive," they mean it. Meals at six different restaurants, ranging from Italian to Thai. Oh, and the free-flowing drinks? From cocktails that looked like a Mauritian sunset to vintage wines that would make any sommelier swoon.

One evening, I met Lisa and Mark, a couple celebrating their honeymoon. "We were unsure about the all-inclusive deal," Lisa admitted. "But when we arrived and saw the spread at Caravelle, their beachfront restaurant, we were sold!"

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The Budget Experience: Affordable Luxury


For your 3-star all-inclusive resorts, you're looking at around $210 per night, per person. At this rate, you'll get your three meals, local drinks, and probably a handful of non-motorized water activities.

The Mid-Range Marvels: More Bang for Your Buck

These are the 4-star resorts that offer more than just the basics. You'll find a wider array of included activities, a better room, and more dining options. For this, expect to budget between $350 and $420 per night, per person.

The Elite Experience: For Those Who Want It All

Ah, the crème de la crème of all-inclusive vacations! Think 5-star luxury with multiple restaurants, unlimited premium drinks, spa treatments, and a concierge who practically reads your mind. For such an experience, budget for a minimum of $560 to a maximum of $700 per night, per person.

Specialized Packages: Honeymoons, Golf, and More

Looking for something tailor-made? Be ready to open your wallet wide. For example, honeymoon packages at luxury resorts can go upwards of $1,120 per night. Golf aficionados should budget similarly, especially if the package includes greens fees and cart rentals.

Family Packages: The Cost of Mass Happiness

If you’re taking the kids along, remember that "all-inclusive" might not cover their endless desire for snacks, souvenirs, and whatever else catches their eyes. For a family of four, think closer to $840 per night.

The Outliers: Private Island Resorts and Ultra-Luxury

If your wallet is limitless and your tastes refined, private island experiences or ultra-luxury 5+ star resorts are your go-to. For these exclusive options, it would be wise to budget a minimum of $1,400 per night.

The Adventurous Side: More Than Just Food and Booze

CuisineAll Inclusive: More Than Just Food And Booze

Beaches and endless Piña Coladas are great, but what if you're someone like me who needs a little more spice? Say hello to water sports! Most all-inclusive resorts include a host of activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and windsurfing. At Trou aux Biches, they even offer free glass-bottom boat rides which give you a surreal peek into the aquatic life below.

"Hey Sarah, wanna try parasailing?" a fellow adventurer, Josh, asked me. How could I say no? Soaring above the Indian Ocean with a bird’s-eye view of coral islands was an unforgettable rush.

The Family Element: Kids Have Fun, You Have Peace

If you're traveling with kids, trust me, you’ll appreciate the kids' clubs some of these resorts offer. It’s a win-win: while they’re off treasure hunting or making sandcastles, you can finally finish that book you’ve been meaning to, all while sipping on a chilled Mojito.

The Authentic Experience: Can You Still Have It?

Here’s where you might start to get skeptical. “All-inclusive sounds great, Sarah, but what about the authentic local experiences?” Trust me, I hear you. But here’s the kicker: Many of these resorts offer cooking classes, local village tours, and Creole language workshops as part of the package. So yes, you can still connect with the island in a meaningful way.

FAQ on Mauritius All-Inclusive Packages by Sarah

What does 'All-Inclusive' mean in Mauritius?

All-inclusive typically covers your accommodation, meals, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and some activities. However, the extent of what’s included can vary wildly between resorts, so always read the fine print.

How much should I budget for an all-inclusive stay in Mauritius?

Budgeting will depend on what you're after:Are water activities included in the package?

  • Budget Experience: Around $210 per person, per night.
  • Mid-Range: Expect to spend between $350 and $420 per person, per night.
  • Luxury: Budget for at least $560 to $700 per person, per night.

Some non-motorized water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding might be included. For motorized activities like jet skiing, you'll usually have to pay extra.Is tipping included?

In most all-inclusive resorts, tips are included. However, it's still a nice gesture to tip for exceptional service.

What’s the deal with 'Adults Only' Resorts?

Adults-only resorts are perfect for couples and groups looking for a serene environment. You won't have to deal with kiddos splashing in the pool or crying at dinner.

Are there family-friendly all-inclusive options?

Absolutely! These resorts often feature kids' clubs, child-friendly menus, and rooms large enough for the whole brood.Can I customize my all-inclusive package?

Some resorts offer customizable packages for special occasions like honeymoons or anniversaries. You might be able to swap out certain meals, activities, or even spa treatments, but expect to pay a bit more.

Do I need travel insurance?

You should definitely consider getting travel insurance for trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or any other unexpected scenarios. Some all-inclusive packages may offer it as an add-on.Are all meals at every restaurant included?

Generally, meals at the resort’s main restaurant will be included. Specialty or à la carte restaurants often require a reservation and may have an extra charge.

Can I leave the resort and explore?

Sure, you can! But excursions outside the resort are usually not included in the all-inclusive package.

Final Tip?

Always read the fine print and check for any hidden fees. It's better to be a well-prepared traveler than a surprised one!

And there you have it, folks! If you’ve got more questions, shoot! Otherwise, happy travels!

Cheers, Sarah 🌍✈️🍹

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