All-Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts in Mauritius

Hey lovebirds, looking for All-Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts In Mauritius. It's Sarah here! 🌴💕 If you're like me, just hearing the word "Mauritius" sets your imagination on fire. Now, imagine celebrating your love in this tropical paradise—complete with white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and coconut palms swaying in the wind. Trust me, I've got the lowdown on the crème de la crème of all-inclusive resorts on this dreamy island. So grab your partner, and let's dive into paradise!

All-Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts In Mauritius

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The All-Inclusive Honeymoon Scene in Mauritius

Mauritius isn't just another island; it's an experience that sticks with you, kind of like true love. Ever wonder what it'd be like to sip on unlimited piña coladas while the love of your life is by your side? Yep, you can do that here. All-inclusive resorts in Mauritius are really all-inclusive. We're talking mouth-watering meals, romantic beachside dinners, water sports galore, and my personal fave—unlimited spa treatments. Because let's face it, who wouldn't want to be pampered on their honeymoon?


The top All-Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts in Mauritius

1. Constance Belle Mare Plage

What's to Love: Are you guys into golf or maybe some fine dining? This is your spot!
Why You'll Never Want to Leave: Between the golf courses and seven—yes, SEVEN—on-site restaurants, you'll need to be rolled back onto the plane.

Read more about Constance Belle Mare Plage on our all-inclusive 5-star resorts in Mauritius review.

For the Culinary Couple: Constance Belle Mare Plage

The food here doesn't just cater to your taste buds, it performs a whole Broadway musical for them. And what’s more romantic than sharing food that’s been prepared with the flair of a five-star Michelin chef?


  • Gastronomic Experience: With seven—yes, SEVEN—different restaurants, you can traverse the globe without ever leaving the resort.
  • Water Activities: From paddleboarding to diving, your inner aqua-enthusiast will be well-fed.
  • Luxury Meets Activity: There's a full-fledged golf course and a range of water sports. Who says you can't be active while also being incredibly spoiled?


  • Size: It's a sizable property. Which means more guests. If you're vying for seclusion, this may not be your pick.
  • Extra Costs: While it’s all-inclusive, some activities and special dining experiences come with a supplementary cost.

The most romantic all-inclusive resorts in Mauritius ind the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at Tripadvisor

2. Tamassa Resort

What's to Love: If you're into lively evenings, the energy here will keep your spirits high.
Why You'll Never Want to Leave: From stunning sunsets to a nightlife that dances to its own rhythm, it's a non-stop fiesta here.

3. Salt Of Palmar, Mauritius

What's to Love: Minimalist couples, this one's your jam! This resort is a Design Hotel member, after all.

Why You'll Never Want to Leave: Chic vibes and aesthetic pleasure make for the perfect Instagrammable honeymoon.

For the Eco-Conscious Romantic: LUX Le Morne

4. LUX Grand Gaube Resort & Villas

What's to Love: Looking to bring wellness into your honeymoon? Say no more!
Why You'll Never Want to Leave: From private villas to lush spa treatments, you'll be floating on Cloud 9.

Nestled at the foot of Le Morne Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage site, this resort is like a natural sanctuary. Right from the glass-bottom boat rides to the coral reef snorkeling, the place screams adventure but in a posh, eco-friendly voice.


  • Intimacy: Given its location, it’s more secluded than most. Ideal for couples who want to disappear from the world but not from Instagram—the scenery is too good not to share.
  • Eco-Friendly: Their ocean sustainability program is legit. Feel free to dive into romance without diving into ecological guilt.
  • Sunset Horse Riding: I mean, riding on the beach at sunset? It's like a Nicholas Sparks novel but without the tragic ending.


5. The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa, Mauritius

What's to Love: Spa lovers, this one's for you!

Why You'll Never Want to Leave: The top-notch spa treatments are so divine you'll forget all about wedding planning stress.

Read more on our 5-star Mauritius all-inclusive resorts review

The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa

6. Sunrise Attitude

What's to Love: Eco-conscious and budget-friendly—save some green while going green!

Why You'll Never Want to Leave: It’s the perfect chance to celebrate love while Mother Earth sends her love right back.

7. LUX Le Morne

What's to Love: This is the spot for all you adrenaline junkies.

Why You'll Never Want to Leave: From hiking trails to snorkeling, you're in for an adventure of a lifetime!

8. Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa

What's to Love: Are you a foodie couple? Feast your eyes (and mouths) on this!

Why You'll Never Want to Leave: No need to argue about where to eat—so many options, you might just extend your stay!

More top All-Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts

9. Preskil Island Resort

What's to Love: A private island experience that screams romance!
Why You'll Never Want to Leave: It's just you, your love, and the turquoise sea—ultimate romantic getaway, anyone?

10. Ambre Mauritius

What's to Love: All-around luxury makes this place perfect for couples who want it all.
Why You'll Never Want to Leave: From an exclusive beach area to fabulous amenities, this is honeymoon heaven.

11. Mauricia Beachcomber Resort & Spa

What's to Love: Think activities galore!
Why You'll Never Want to Leave: There's no room for boredom, only room for new adventures as newlyweds.

12. LUX* Grand Baie Resort & Residences

What's to Love: If you want privacy, then look no further.
Why You'll Never Want to Leave: Luxury residences and private pools—you might forget there's a whole island to explore!

13. C Mauritius

What's to Love: For those who can't resist the allure of water sports.
Why You'll Never Want to Leave: Whether you're a kayaking pro or a snorkeling newbie, the sea awaits.
14. La Pirogue Mauritius

What's to Love: Authentic Mauritian charm, perfect for couples who appreciate the island's culture.
Why You'll Never Want to Leave: Thatched-roof bungalows create that tropical island fantasy we all daydream about.

15. Le Méridien Ile Maurice

What's to Love: Culture vultures, pack your bags!
Why You'll Never Want to Leave: You get to combine romance with culture by exploring the island’s rich history.

So there you have it, lovebirds—the best all-inclusive honeymoon resorts in Mauritius. Take your pick and let love (and maybe a couple of cocktails) guide the way!

Note: Always double-check for the latest amenities and offerings, lovebirds!

Till next time,
Sarah 💕🌴

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All Inclusive Mauritius Honeymoon FAQ

Hey there, honeymooners and future honeymooners! It's your girl Sarah, back with answers to the burning questions you have about planning an all-inclusive honeymoon in Mauritius. Yep, we’re doing this FAQ style—let's dive in!

Q: Why should we choose Mauritius for our honeymoon?

A: Oh, where do I even start? This island paradise boasts incredible beaches, lush landscapes, and some of the most luxurious all-inclusive resorts. Think sunrise breakfasts on the beach and candlelit dinners under the stars. If you're looking for romance, Mauritius has it in spades! Answer

Q: What's included in "all-inclusive"?

A: "All-inclusive" generally means that your meals, drinks, and many activities are included in the price. But honey, this isn't just buffet food and soda; we're talking gourmet dining and unlimited cocktails. Some resorts even throw in spa treatments, water sports, and excursions.

Q: Is it worth the money?

A: If you're after a hassle-free, luxurious experience where you can focus solely on enjoying each other’s company, then YES, it’s totally worth it!

Q: What activities can we expect?

A: Besides lounging on the beach? You can try kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, and much more. Many resorts also offer unique experiences like cooking classes, where you can learn to cook local dishes together—talk about memorable!

Q: How's the food scene?

A: One word: divine. Mauritius has a melting pot of cuisines, blending Creole, Indian, French, and Chinese influences. Whether you're into seafood, vegan food, or you're a meat-lover, there's something for everyone.

Q: We care about the environment. Do these resorts share our values?

A: You bet! Many resorts in Mauritius are adopting eco-friendly practices like using sustainable products and conserving energy. You can honeymoon guilt-free, knowing you're not harming our beautiful planet.

Q: What’s the best time to go?

A: Mauritius has a tropical climate, which means it’s great for most of the year. May to December is cool and dry, while January to April is hot and humid, with occasional showers. Basically, choose based on your weather preference!

Q: How about the nightlife?

A: For those who want to add a bit of sizzle after sunset, many resorts offer live music, beach parties, and bars that stay open late. If you prefer something quieter, a romantic walk on the beach is always an option.

Q: Do the resorts accommodate special requests?

A: Most resorts will go out of their way to make your honeymoon special. Rose petals on the bed, champagne on arrival, private dinners—you name it, they can probably do it. Just give them a heads-up beforehand. Answer

Q: What about island excursions?

A: Oh, you adventurous lovebirds! There are many smaller islands around Mauritius that you can visit. Some resorts include these trips in their all-inclusive package or offer them for an extra fee.

And there you have it! A quick and easy guide to all your all-inclusive honeymoon queries.

Where the Resorts Are At

Many of the resorts are located on the northern or eastern coasts of the island, offering perfect sunrise spots. Think soft sandy beaches and calm, turquoise waters. But if you're more of a sunset couple, head to the west coast. Each area has its own unique vibe, but they all share one thing—swoon-worthy views and romantic setups.

The Islands of  Mauritius

Oh, and don't even get me started on the islands around Mauritius. Like Île d'Ambre and Île d'Aigrettes, where you can kayak or take a romantic boat ride. Then there's Île aux Cerfs, famous for its beautiful lagoon and fun, adventurous activities. Take a day trip, or stay overnight—there are options for all types of lovebirds!

Eco-Friendly Touches

Lastly, if you’re a couple that cares about the Earth (and let's be honest, we all should), you'll be thrilled to know that many resorts in Mauritius are shifting towards sustainable practices. We're talking eco-friendly toiletries, bamboo straws, and local produce. So you can celebrate love while loving Mother Earth too.

So there it is—your snapshot guide to why Mauritius and its all-inclusive resorts are a honeymooner's dream come true. Trust me, after a week or two here, you'll be leaving with the most amazing experiences and photos, but more importantly, with your hearts full of love and eyes set on a beautiful future together.

Till our next love-filled adventure, Sarah 💕🌴

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