Thailand Chimpanzee Resorts

Thailand Chimpanzee Resorts have been searched for often over the last few years. When we noticed a spike in Google interest, we thought we'd better check out what all the fuss was about.

Thailand is home to the world's largest population of wild chimpanzees. There are more than 50,000 chimpanzees in the country, and they are treated as pets and even celebrities by many.

The main reason for this is that Thailand has a huge tourism industry and people come from all over the world to visit these animals. The government also encourages people to visit these zoos, providing them with a lot of amenities and other benefits such as food, drinks, souvenirs, etc.

These zoos have their own chimpanzee breeding programs where they breed animals for sale or for entertainment purposes. They also have their own conservation programs where they do things like educate tourists about how to protect the wild chimpanzees in Thailand from extinction.

Monkey Island BarBar Area at Monkey Island Resort

The most popular and well-known chimpanzee resort in Thailand is the Chimpanzee Sanctuary, which is a sanctuary for chimpanzees and their caretakers.

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent animals that can learn, communicate, and show emotions. They are also known to be very social animals. The best thing about them is that they have an exceptional lifespan of over 60 years.

Thailand is a country well-known for its exotic animals and natural beauty. And there are many places where you can find them. One of the best places to visit is the Chimp Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Chimp Resort is a sanctuary for non-human primates and offers visitors a unique experience with these intelligent, social animals. It also has an animal hospital that provides care to injured or sick primates and other wildlife species found in Thailand's forests and jungles. Visitors can also learn about the importance of conservation through guided tours, workshops, and talks by experts from around the world.

Monkey Island Resort

Where this has all come from is the Monkey Island Resort on the island paradise of Koh Mak, Thailand. They have huts named after different monkeys - a Chimpanzee Hut, Baboon Hut and Gorilla Hut. They also have themed bars and restaurants and more here. It's an interesting little spot and not a common way to approach resorts - so it's definitely unique. 

Monkey Island Resort, Koh Mak, Trat used to get great reviews but not so much at the time of writing. Keep in mind it is not a five star resort. If it is some clean fun in an exotic, off the beaten track location you are looking for than this resort may well fit the bill.

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Koh Mak, Thailand

The island paradise of Koh Mak is in the Gulf of Thailand a little further on from Koh Chang and a short boat trip away from Trat mainland area. Natural building materials and traditional handicrafts set of the lush vegetation and pristine waters.

But I Want to See Monkeys!

If you would like to stay among the monkeys, Chiang Mai Resorts may suit you better. There aren't necessarily monkeys at the resorts but Chiang Mai is a jungle area in the North of Thailand. 

Thailand Chimpanzee Resorts: Options in the Area

Bamboo Hideaway Koh MakBamboo Hideaway Koh Mak

If you would like to visit the area where Monkey Island Resort is located, there are some really great resorts here. 

Good Time Resort Koh Mak gets great reviews, is a great spot for snorkeling and the beach, works well for families or couples. 

Little Moon Villa Resort has bungalows and villas, has numerous activities on offer and gets great reviews. 

Bamboo Hideaway is a great little spot tucked away in nature. It's a small boutique resort with restaurant a pool. Excellent reviews. 

There are quite a few more great spots to stay on Koh Mak. See the best accommodations in Koh Mak and what people are saying about them here.

If you'd like to move on from the Thailand Chimpanzee Resorts and see what else is out there, check out our Best Thailand Resorts to help get that search going. You may also want to check out Thailand Adventure Travel options for tour ideas.