Cheapest Caribbean Island from UK

Cheapest Caribbean Island From UK

Direct Flights to the Caribbean from the UK

As there are a handful of countries where flights are scheduled directly without the seed for any transfers which load on a lot of additional travel time (which adds to overall costs) we will explore some of these first. These islands include Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua and Jamaica and flights come in under 10 hours in duration. Non-stop direct flights are also scheduled to and from Cuba, Mexico (Cancún), and Tobago from British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

Here are the results. The Airfare cost is a randomized flight in the spring (September 2022) where flight coasts are high because of the fuel situation. I conducted the review in Australia then prices as shown on Google Flights are in AUD dollars rather than pounds. Average hotel costs are from A Business Insider study mentioned below. 

St Lucia

Average Hotel Cost 343 USD

British Airways 8 hrs 50 min A$1,158


Average Hotel Cost  210 USD

Bridgetown Virgin Atlantic 9 hrs A$1,477


Average Hotel Cost 237 USD

Kingston British Airways 9 hrs 45 min A$1,749


Average Hotel Cost 284 USD

British Airways 8 hrs 35 min A$1,401

Mexico (Cancun)

Variable but very affordable options. 

Direct flights

The Dominican Republic

Average Hotel Cost 182 USD. Some of the most affordable amazing accommodation. 

Cheap for longer stays

Punta Cana Air Europa 1 stop 14 hrs 20 min A$1,129


Average Hotel Cost 124 USD

Cheapest for longer stays.

* Business Insider conducted a study (pre-pandemic) and found how affordable the islands in the Caribbean are which we will refer to on this review. Here are those findings on the average coast of a hotel on Each of the Caribbean Islands.

The cost of your vacation/holiday is made up of a combination of your flight and hotel costs. Then for shorter holidays it is a bit of an obvious choice to choose these destinations with direct flights. Rationality would have it for the shortest of stays choose the destinations with the lowest priced airfares. But for longer stays consider shifting your preferences to those destinations with cheaper accommodation options to keep your vacation affordable.  

Cancun is a good option

The holiday playground of Cancun on of the Caribbean side of Mexico is also a destination you might like to consider (while not a Caribbean Island). The advantage of Cancun is that it provides a lot of affordable options and is well serviced from the UK. As well as Heathrow flights have been scheduled to Cancun from Edinburgh, Glasgow, London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle, and Doncaster Sheffield. 

Flights From the UK to the Caribbean

This is a random search I did for flights from the UK to the Caribbean I did in July for a week in September using the Kayak tool conducted after costs had risen to take in the fuel rate hikes at the time. 

Google flights map

  1. Less than 10 hours
  2. 10 to 15 hours
  3. 15 to 20 hours
  4. More than 20 hours - red

  • Saint Lucia British Airways Non-stop 8 hrs 50 min A$1,159
  • Aruba Air France and KLM 2 stops 26 hrs 45 min A$1,049
  • Grenada JetBlue and Aer Lingus 3 stops 43 hrs 59 min A$1,602
  • Dominica Curaçao KLM 1 stop 12 hrs 15 min A$1,581
  • Punta Cana Air Europa 1 stop 14 hrs 20 min A$1,129
  • Antigua British Airways Non-stop 8 hrs 35 min A$1,403
  • San Juan JetBlue 1 stop 15 hrs 4 min A$1,030 
  • Sint Maarten Air France 1 stop 12 hrs 15 min A$1,136
  • Saint Barthélemy British Airways and Winair 2 stops 28 hrs A$1,899
  • Santo Domingo Delta and Virgin Atlantic 2 stops 22 hrs 14 min A$1,182
  • Bonaire Air France and KLM 3 stops 39 hrs 45 min A$1,030
  • Saint Thomas Silver Airways, Cape Air and JetBlue 2 stops 27 hrs 10 min A$1,594
  • Puerto Plata SWISS and Edelweiss Air 2 stops 18 hrs 25 min A$1,094
  • Saint Croix Silver Airways and JetBlue 2 stops 25 hrs A$1,455
  • Bridgetown Virgin Atlantic Non-stop 9 hrs A$1,479
  • Saint Kitts American and British Airways 2 stops 27 hrs 45 min A$1,703
  • Vieques Silver Airways and JetBlue 2 stops 29 hrs 15 min A$1,540
  • Tortola Silver Airways, Cape Air and JetBlue 2 stops 51 hrs 36 min A$2,197
  • Tobago Caribbean Airlines and KLM 3 stops 28 hrs 10 min A$1,281
  • Saba British Airways and Winair 2 stops 26 hrs 25 min A$1,809
  • Culebra Silver Airways and JetBlue 2 stops 29 hrs 15 min A$1,450
  • Fort-de-France Air France 1 stop 28 hrs 15 min A$969
  • Port-au-Prince JetBlue and Aer Lingus 3 stops 29 hrs 34 min A$2,737
  • Ponce JetBlue and Aer Lingus 3 stops 29 hrs 29 min A$1,411
  • Santiago De Los Caballeros Lufthansa, SWISS and United 3 stops 31 hrs 49 min A$1,385
  • Aguadilla Pueblo JetBlue and Aer Lingus 3 stops 30 hrs 29 min A$1,420
  • Sint Eustatius British Airways and Winair 2 stops 26 hrs 25 min A$1,809
  • Pointe-à-Pitre Air France 1 stop 24 hrs 5 min A$913 
  • Mayagüez Cape Air and JetBlue 2 stops 25 hrs 49 min A$1,332
  • Riohacha Avianca 1 stop 17 hrs 53 min A$2,129

Caribbean Destinations

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