Weekend Getaways from New York

Escape New York! This is Sarah, your trusted travel companion, inviting you to embark on a journey beyond New York City's skyscrapers. From tranquil countryside resorts to quaint seaside towns, we have curated the perfect list of weekend getaways. So, grab your weekender bag and let’s dive into these refreshing retreats that promise adventure, relaxation, and an array of delightful surprises.

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Top Getaway Destinations from New York

  1. Catskills, New York: For outdoor enthusiasts, the Catskill Mountains provide a rustic getaway, with options for hiking, fishing, camping, and skiing. Visit Woodstock for its music history, or the region's numerous antique shops and art galleries.
  2. Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania: About a two-hour drive from NYC, the Poconos offers outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and skiing. It also has beautiful waterfalls, including the Bushkill Falls, known as the "Niagara of Pennsylvania."
  3. Princeton, New Jersey: Home to the prestigious Princeton University, this town offers a blend of history, culture, and outdoor activities. Take a stroll through the university campus, visit the Princeton University Art Museum, or go for a paddle on Lake Carnegie.
  4. Lake George, New York: Located in the Adirondacks, Lake George offers water-based activities, including boating, fishing, and swimming. Hiking opportunities abound, and the village itself offers a range of dining and shopping options.
  5. Newport, Rhode Island: A bit further afield, Newport is known for its stunning Gilded Age mansions and beautiful coastline. Explore the Cliff Walk, visit the historic mansions, or go sailing on Narragansett Bay.

A To Z Weekend Getaways From NYC

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A. Adirondacks, NY: Experience the tranquil beauty of the mountains, lakes, and forests. Hike, canoe, or simply relax at a rustic lodge.

B. Bethlehem, PA: Visit the historic sites in the city, including the SteelStacks, a 10-acre campus with indoor & outdoor venues dedicated to arts, culture, and more.

C. Catskills, NY: This mountainous region is ideal for hiking, fishing, camping, and winter sports. Don't miss the stunning waterfalls and the charming small towns.

D. Delaware Water Gap, PA: A paradise for hikers and water sports enthusiasts. The region is known for its mountains, valleys, and river scenery.

E. East Hampton, NY: Beaches, high-end restaurants, and luxurious resorts make it a perfect weekend escape for luxury seekers.

F. Finger Lakes, NY: Wine lovers will adore the vineyards, while the stunning lakes are perfect for boating and fishing.

G. Greenport, NY: This charming coastal town offers beautiful views, delicious seafood, and a laid-back maritime vibe.

H. Hudson Valley, NY: Known for its vineyards, orchards, and farms, it's a great place for food and wine lovers.

I. Ithaca, NY: Home to Cornell University, the city also boasts stunning waterfalls, gorges, and hiking trails.

J. Jersey City, NJ: Just across the Hudson River, it's a great place to enjoy skyline views of NYC, diverse food scene, and vibrant nightlife.

K. Kingston, NY: Explore historic buildings, museums, and galleries in this Hudson Valley city.

L. Lake George, NY: Enjoy boating, fishing, and water sports on the lake, or relax at one of the many resorts.


M. Montauk, NY: Known for its lighthouses, sandy beaches, and surf spots. The Montauk Point Lighthouse offers beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean.

N. New Paltz, NY: A quaint college town in the Hudson Valley, known for its historic Huguenot Street.

O. Ocean City, NJ: Enjoy the boardwalk, amusement park, and beaches in this family-friendly resort city.

P. Poconos, PA: From hiking and whitewater rafting in summer to skiing and snowboarding in winter, there's something for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Q. Quogue, NY: This small village on Long Island offers quiet, unspoiled beaches ideal for a relaxing getaway.

R. Rhode Island: Visit Newport for its stunning mansions, or enjoy the art scene in Providence.

S. Shelter Island, NY: Accessible by ferry, this island offers beautiful beaches, nature trails, and historic lighthouses.

T. The Hamptons, NY: Known for beautiful beaches, high-end shopping, and celebrity sightings.

U. Upper Delaware River, NY/PA: Offers some of the best spots for fishing, canoeing, and rafting.

V. Vermont: Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and fall foliage - Vermont is an outdoor lover's dream.

W. Woodstock, NY: Known for its music history, it's also home to a thriving arts community and beautiful Catskills scenery.

X. eXploring the Long Island wine trail: While 'X' destinations may be scarce, one can certainly delight in exploring the wineries and vineyards that Long Island has to offer.

Y. Yale (New Haven, CT): Visit the prestigious Yale University and enjoy the city's eclectic food scene.

Z. Zipping around Connecticut's coastline: Take a scenic drive, explore the beautiful seaside towns, and enjoy fresh seafood.

Classic Getaways from NYC

The Hamptons: Gurney's Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa

As winter graces The Hamptons, the summer hum gives way to a serene, frosty sanctuary. At the easternmost tip of Long Island, Gurney's Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa extends an oceanside retreat to travelers, braving the winter cold for an exquisite beach-side experience.


  • The Seawater Spa, featuring Roman baths and a seawater-filled heated indoor pool, provides a unique, soothing experience.
  • Fire pits keep the winter chill at bay, making stargazing over the Atlantic a cozy affair.


  • While mesmerizing, The Hamptons can prove quite expensive, even in the off-season.
  • The unpredictable winter weather might put a damper on outdoor activities.

Score: 8/10

Alternative For a laid-back, yet equally luxurious, beachside retreat, consider The Palms Hotel on Fire Island.

In conclusion, an escape from New York City's urban jungle need not mean renouncing luxury. Whether it’s the lakeside tranquility of The Sagamore, the forested retreat of Mohonk Mountain House, or the beachfront elegance of Gurney's, a winter weekend getaway can transform the city's concrete and glass into a distant memory, replacing it with landscapes of warmth and rejuvenation.

The Poconos: Skytop Lodge

High up in the verdant expanse of the Poconos, the grand stone edifice of Skytop Lodge stands as an emblem of timeless elegance. Known for its array of outdoor activities and award-winning culinary experience, this sprawling mountain resort offers a resplendent retreat from the bustling city life

skytop.jpgSkytop Lodge


  • Surrounded by 5,500 acres of lush landscape, the lodge offers year-round outdoor activities including skiing, snowshoeing, and ice-skating during winters.
  • Their renowned dining experiences at the Windsor Dining Room and LakeView Restaurant offer gourmet cuisine with stunning panoramic views.


  • Given its grandeur, the lodge might feel overwhelming for those seeking a more intimate retreat.
  • Despite its allure, Skytop's luxurious offerings come with a hefty price tag, which may be a deterrent for budget-conscious travelers.

Score: 8.5/10

Alternative For a more wallet-friendly yet charming experience in the Poconos, consider the historic Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort.

Adding Skytop Lodge to your weekend getaway options from New York City further broadens your palette of choices. Whether you crave a tranquil lake view, the silence of the mountains, the gentle whispers of the ocean, or the verdant greenery of the Poconos, an unforgettable experience is but a drive away.

1. What are some top weekend getaways from New York City?

Some top weekend getaways from NYC include the Hamptons, Montauk, Hudson Valley, Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains, the Catskills, and the Poconos.

2. How far are these getaway locations from NYC?

The Hamptons are approximately 2-3 hours away by car. Montauk is further east and can take around 3-4 hours. The Hudson Valley can be reached in about 2 hours, while Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains are around 3-4 hours away. The Catskills are approximately a 2-hour drive, and the Poconos in Pennsylvania can also be reached in about 2 hours.

3. Are there luxury resorts available in these locations?

Yes, each of these destinations boasts luxury resorts. The Hamptons offer the famed Gurney's Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa. Montauk is home to Hero Beach Club. Lake George boasts The Sagamore. The Catskills are known for the Mohonk Mountain House, and the Poconos host the beautiful Skytop Lodge.

4. What types of activities can I enjoy at these locations?

These locations offer a range of activities depending on the season. Beach lounging, surfing, and sailing are popular in the Hamptons and Montauk. Hiking, biking, and exploring local wineries are top choices in Hudson Valley, the Adirondacks, and the Catskills. Lake George is perfect for boating and fishing, while skiing and snowshoeing are winter favorites in the Catskills and the Poconos.

5. Are these locations suitable for family getaways?

Absolutely, these getaway locations cater to a range of travelers, including families. Most luxury resorts offer family-friendly amenities and activities such as pools, game rooms, and age-appropriate outdoor adventures.

6. What's the best time to visit these locations?

While each location offers unique seasonal activities, generally, summer and fall are considered the best times for a weekend getaway from NYC. However, for winter sports enthusiasts, the Catskills and the Poconos offer excellent winter activities.

7. Are these locations pet-friendly?

Many resorts in these locations are pet-friendly but always check with the specific hotel or resort beforehand to understand their pet policy.

8. What's the price range for a weekend getaway to these locations?

The cost of a weekend getaway can vary widely based on the chosen resort, type of accommodation, time of visit, and activities included. Budget-friendly options are available, but for luxury resorts, prices can range from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars per night.

9. Do these resorts offer any special packages or deals?

Yes, most resorts offer various packages that may include meals, activities, or spa services. It's always a good idea to check their official websites or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

10. Do I need to book far in advance for these weekend getaways?

While it depends on the season and specific resort, it's generally a good idea to book your stay in advance, especially for popular holiday weekends and during the peak summer season.

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