Best New Resort in China:

We've found an amazing new resort in China! It opened in January, 2018 and is definitely one of the best resorts in the area.

What makes is special?

It is set in a tranquil (and relocated) forest of camphor trees, outside of busy Shanghai and with accommodations in Ming and Qing-dynasty dwellings.

Best New Resort: AmanyangyunAmanyangyun Resort

The History of Amanyangyun

In Jiangxi province, a camphor forest and 50 Ming and Qing dynasty houses were threatened by a new reservoir. Imagine it all being flooded!

So what did they do?

They moved the entire thing - forest and all - just outside Shanghai and turned it into a peaceful resort set in a woodland.

The Ming and Qing-dynasty houses were saved from being demolished and restored brick by brick in their new location. They were turned into villas and the interiors were modernized. 

Full history here.

The Resort

The resort is 25-acres and has about 10,000 trees! I'd imagine anyone coming from the busy city would find it completely restful. 

To give you more of a sense of the place, Amanyangyun means "nourishing cloud" and more specifically "expanding the cloud of the mind with knowledge".

The resort is on the small side featuring 13 villas with tranquil courtyards and 24 suites. (More on these just below.)

(Curious to see the cost? Compare prices for the resort here.)

The Villas at AmanyangyunThe Villas with Private Courtyard at Amanyangyun

Accommodations at Amanyangyun

Accommodations here are a nice mix of modern and historical. They are a beautiful retreat from a busy world and give off a village atmosphere.

The Villas are set in the restored Ming and Qing-dynasty houses. They are contemporary on the inside, inspired by nature and restful. The also have a private courtyard to enjoy the forest with. 

The Suites are modern and also bring in the forest setting with lots of wood and light. 

A Suite at Amanyangyun ResortA Suite at Amanyangyun Resort

Resort Features

Amanyangyun is set in a village atmosphere and contains a cultural pavilion where you can take part in:

  • learning calligraphy
  • Chinese painting
  • watching an opera
  • tea and incense ceremony


There are a number of options here from formal to cafe-style dining. The food is reported to be incredible by reviewers.

There are 5 restaurants in total:  Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Bar and Cigar Lounge, and a cafe.

The Spa at Amanyangyun

The Spa at AmanyangyunThe Spa

The spa at Amanyangyun is focused on  health, fitness and well-being. It uses Chinses traditions and Chinese Traditional Medicine like oils from local herbs and flowers.

The setting is equally as tranquil as the rest of the resort and is surrounded by a garden courtyard

Spa Features: 

  • 10 treatment rooms
  • hydrotherapy
  • reflexology
  • bathhouses incorporating Russian banya and a hammam
  • indoor and outdoor pools
  • state-of the art gym
  • yoga and Pilates studio overlooking reflection pond

What Reviewers Have Said About  Amanyangyun

Reviewers have given this new resort no less than perfect scores. 5/5! Great!

Some reviewer notes:

  • It's a peaceful sanctuary 
  • Architecture and interior design are spectacular
  • Staff are friendly, helpful and attentive
  • Food was excellent, outstanding
  • Amazing attention to detail
  • Rooms are spacious and well appointed
  • Culture Centre is worth a visit

Check out the most recent reviews and compare prices here.

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