Adult-Only All-Inclusive Resorts in Bermuda

Bermuda, a treasure trove of pink-sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and pastel-colored architecture, offers an idyllic setting unlike any other for adult-only all-inclusive resorts. This distinctive island, with its intriguing blend of British colonial charm and upbeat  island culture, beckons couples seeking a tranquil retreat with an unmistakable air of exclusivity. Delve into Bermuda's lesser-known gems, where stunning cliffside retreats and intimate, luxurious sanctuaries create an unforgettable ambiance perfect for rekindling romance or celebrating love. Join me as we explore the captivating allure of Bermuda's adult-only all-inclusive havens, where each resort embodies the essence of Bermudian elegance and provides an unparalleled experience that will leave you yearning for more.

cambridge-beaches-resort-spa inclusive getawayCambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

A Timeless Romantic Paradise: Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

As I stepped into the charming world of Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, I was immediately transported back to the golden era of Bermuda's first cottage-style accommodations. This secluded 23-acre peninsula, established in 1916, effortlessly marries old-world charm and modern luxury.

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa great for adults only and couples getawaysCambridge Beaches Resort & Spa great for adults only and couples getaways

From its pristine private beaches to its exquisite dining experiences, Cambridge Beaches promises an unforgettable stay for the discerning traveler seeking a historic and tranquil retreat especially suited for adults-only and couples getaways.

Why is Cambridge Beaches A great adult-only or couples destination? 

Adult Only All-Inclusve Vacations in Bermuda at Cambridge BeachesAdult Only All-Inclusve Vacations in Bermuda at Cambridge Beaches

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa is a remarkable destination for adults-only and couples getaways due to the following features:

1. Privacy and Seclusion: The resort's idyllic location on a 23-acre peninsula, with four private beaches and two private coves, creates an intimate and secluded setting. This allows couples to unwind and connect in a serene atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

2. Romantic Accommodations: The beautifully-appointed suites at Cambridge Beaches, each with private outdoor space and waterfront views, are perfect for romantic retreats. The private entrances and outdoor seating areas create a cozy ambiance, allowing couples to enjoy the stunning Bermuda scenery in their own personal haven.

3. Couples Spa Treatments: The Ocean Spa offers couples the opportunity to indulge in pampering treatments together, such as the Ayurvedic Energy Massage or a relaxing session in the Experience Suites. The spa's focus on traditional healing arts and attentive service ensures a rejuvenating and bonding experience for couples.

4. Fine Dining Experiences: The resort's dining options cater to couples seeking romantic and memorable culinary adventures. With stunning waterfront views and diverse menu offerings, restaurants like Shoreline Restaurant and Sunken Harbor Club provide the perfect setting for intimate dinners and celebratory toasts.

5. Adult-Friendly Activities: Cambridge Beaches offers a wide range of activities tailored to adults, such as sailing, scooter excursions, and golfing at the nearby Port Royal Golf Course. These activities encourage couples to explore and create shared experiences, fostering a deeper connection during their stay.

6. Tranquil Ambiance: The resort's dedication to providing a peaceful and relaxing environment is evident in its thoughtful design and attentive service. This tranquil atmosphere allows couples to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of Bermuda and focus on spending quality time together.

Review of Cambridge Beaches

Cambridge Beaches - Perfect for that romantic all-inclusive trip Cambridge Beaches – Perfect for that romantic all-inclusive trip

Accommodations: 9/10 The resort boasts more than 80 beautifully-appointed suites, each with private outdoor space and stunning waterfront views. Multi-room cottages and adjoining suite options cater to families and larger groups, making traveling a breeze. Every accommodation features a private entrance and outdoor seating area, allowing guests to savor Bermuda's coastal beauty from the comfort of their own retreat.

Amenities & Activities: 9/10 Cambridge Beaches offers a wealth of amenities to suit any taste. Four private beaches and two private coves invite exploration, while an infinity-edge swimming pool overlooks the serene Mangrove Bay. For the adventurous, the resort provides numerous activities such as paddleboarding, sailing, and scooter excursions. Golf enthusiasts can take advantage of the "Stay & Play" package, offering a round of golf per person per day at the nearby Port Royal Golf Course.

Dining: 8/10 Cambridge Beaches caters to both locals and travelers with its diverse dining options, accessible by land and water. The stunning water views are only rivaled by the unforgettable menu offerings and culinary adventures. Shoreline Restaurant, with its breathtaking views of Mangrove Bay, serves daily breakfast for two. For a more casual dining experience, the Sunken Harbor Club offers delicious dinner and drinks in a laid-back atmosphere.

Spa: 10/10 The Ocean Spa, the resort's crown jewel, is designed to relax, restore, and rejuvenate. The treatments are based on traditional healing arts, using the finest products from Aromatherapy Associates, London, UK. Highly trained therapists offer a range of services, from Ayurvedic Energy Massages to time spent in the Experience Suites, ensuring a truly authentic Bermuda spa experience.

Packages & Special Offers: 8/10 Cambridge Beaches presents a variety of vacation packages and specials, including the "Spring into Savings" offer, which provides 10% savings and a $25 daily resort credit for guests who book by May 8, 2023. For those looking to celebrate the resort's centennial in 2023, the "Experience the Centennial" package offers 10% savings, a commemorative welcome amenity, $100 resort credit, and a $100 gift card for future stays.

Overall Score: 9/10 Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa is a timeless sanctuary where history meets luxury. The dedicated service, authentic charm, and unparalleled amenities make it the perfect destination for those seeking an exclusive and unforgettable Bermuda escape.

Alternate Resort: For those seeking a more contemporary experience, Rosewood Bermuda offers sophisticated elegance and modern amenities, while still maintaining the island's charm. With a world-class spa, championship golf course, and multiple dining options, it caters to travelers who desire a touch of modern luxury.

Rosewood BermudaRosewood Bermuda

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Immerse yourself in the tranquility and charm of this private B&B, boasting stunning harbor views, a refreshing pool adorned with teak loungers, and direct access to harbor swimming or fishing. With only four individually decorated guest suites, each featuring an attached bathroom, you'll enjoy a truly intimate experience just steps away from the mesmerizing harbor. Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi, Netflix, and YouTube, and explore the island with ease, thanks to the convenient location near ferries, bus services, and a 10-minute drive to pristine beaches.


Golf courses and restaurants are just a short walk away. Wake up to a delightful continental breakfast, and enjoy the attentive service of friendly, knowledgeable hosts who are trained hoteliers and tourism ambassadors. Daily room servicing, airport taxi arrangements, scooter and electric car rentals, and free car parking all contribute to a seamless, unforgettable stay at this 2020 Tripadvisor award-winning gem.

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Overall, Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa delivers an exceptional adults-only and couples getaway experience, thanks to its secluded location, romantic accommodations, and myriad of tailored activities and amenities.

Bermuda Adult-Only All-Inclusive Resorts Scorecard:

Bermuda Adult-Only All-Inclusive Resorts Scorecard:

  1. Number of Adult-Only Resorts: 2/5 (While Bermuda has limited adult-only resort options, the ones available are of high quality.)
  2. Number of All-Inclusive Resorts: 2/5 (Bermuda has fewer all-inclusive options compared to other Caribbean destinations.)
  3. Scenery and Natural Beauty: 5/5 (Bermuda is renowned for its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and vibrant landscapes.)
  4. Unique Experiences: 4/5 (From exploring historical sites to participating in water activities, Bermuda offers a variety of unique experiences for visitors.)
  5. Accessibility: 3/5 (The island is well-connected with transportation options, but it might not be as accessible as other destinations.)
  6. Luxury and Comfort: 4/5 (Bermuda's resorts are known for their luxury and attention to detail, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests.)

Overall Score: 20/30 While Bermuda may not score highly in terms of adult-only or all-inclusive resort options, its natural beauty, unique experiences, and luxurious accommodations make it a captivating destination for travelers seeking a memorable vacation.

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If you're seeking adult-only all-inclusive resorts, consider exploring the following destinations known for their excellent options:

  1. Cancun, Mexico: With a wide range of adult-only all-inclusive resorts, Cancun is a popular destination for couples and solo travelers looking for a relaxing vacation with a lively nightlife scene.
  2. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: Home to several adult-only all-inclusive properties, Punta Cana boasts beautiful beaches and exciting excursions, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and adventure.
  3. Montego Bay, Jamaica: Known for its warm hospitality and stunning beaches, Montego Bay offers various adult-only all-inclusive resorts, providing an excellent blend of relaxation and entertainment.
  4. Antigua: As a top Caribbean destination, Antigua boasts several adult-only all-inclusive resorts, offering a serene atmosphere alongside beautiful beaches and various water sports.
  5. St. Lucia: Known for its lush landscapes and luxury resorts, St. Lucia features a selection of adult-only all-inclusive properties, perfect for those seeking a romantic and rejuvenating vacation.

These destinations not only offer a variety of adult-only all-inclusive resorts but also provide beautiful surroundings and numerous activities to ensure a memorable travel experience.

Q: Are there many adult-only all-inclusive resorts in Bermuda?

A: Unlike other popular destinations, Bermuda does not have an abundance of adult-only all-inclusive resorts. However, a few properties, like Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, cater primarily to an adult audience and provide an exclusive and serene ambiance perfect for couples and adults seeking a relaxing getaway.

Q: What makes Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa stand out as an adult-oriented resort?

: Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa is set on a secluded 23-acre peninsula, offering privacy and tranquility. The resort's luxurious accommodations, spa services, fine dining experiences, and adult-friendly activities create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for adults and couples.

Q: Are there all-inclusive packages available at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa?

A: While Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa may not be explicitly all-inclusive, they do offer various vacation packages and special offers, which include accommodations, dining, and other resort amenities. Guests can customize their stay by choosing from different packages, ensuring they receive the services and experiences that best suit their preferences.

Q: Are there any other adult-only resorts in Bermuda that I should consider?

A: While adult-only all-inclusive resorts are not common in Bermuda, other luxury resorts cater to an adult clientele by providing sophisticated accommodations, world-class spas, and fine dining options. For instance, Rosewood Bermuda is an excellent alternative that combines modern luxury with Bermuda's charm, creating an upscale and romantic atmosphere.

Q: What activities can adults enjoy while vacationing in Bermuda?

A: Bermuda offers a wide range of activities for adults, including golfing at championship golf courses, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, exploring historic sites, and visiting museums and art galleries. Additionally, Bermuda's beautiful beaches and nature reserves provide ample opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Q: Is Bermuda a safe destination for adult travelers?

A: Bermuda is known for being a safe and welcoming destination for tourists. However, it is always a good idea to exercise common sense and follow safety precautions while traveling, such as securing your belongings and being aware of your surroundings.

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