Queensland Island Resorts

Welcome to the Queensland Island and Resorts Guide. These Queensland Islands are often accessed by a flight to Hamilton Island or one of the hub ports on the Great Barrier Reef like Palm Cove, Cairns and Port DouglasAirlie Beach is generally the hub port for the Whitsunday Islands. But there are plenty of more ways to explore the Great Barrier Reef.  

For a while now my wife and I have cruised some of the Queensland Island Resorts and decided it's about time to write up some of our impressions as well as review the best options for a Queensland Island holiday. Here we are on Magnificent Fitzroy Island of Cairns.

We have actually done a complete review of Fitzroy Island and it's best resorts, and it's definitely one of the first resorts you need to consider. 

Here are some of the magnificent Islands you can enjoy a fantastic vacation on the reef or elsewhere on one of the sand islands in Queensland.

Great Barrier Reef Island Resorts

Some great  Queensland island resorts offer easy access to the reef. especially those in North Queensland, the Whitsundays and a couple of others destinations. The great thing about the Far North Islands is they are closer to the reef. By the time you are North of Port Douglas the reef almost meets the coastline. But the Southern Great Barrier reef also has some great pristine environments and are sometimes less toured. Enjoy the reviews and your vacation!

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

At the southern end of the reef is Lady Elliot island which sits on its hiring hundred acre Coral cay and only 100 guests can visit the resort of any one time because of its protected status. Apart from the there is technicolor reef in every direction, turtles, rays and lots of tropical fish.

Fortunately Lady Elliot island has its own airstrip with flights available Bundaburg, Hervey Bay and Brisbane.

Lady Elliot Island Eco ResortLady Elliot Island Eco Resort

Special offers for Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

Lady Elliot Eco Resort guests can step off the beach & snorkel, swim or dive in an underwater world of brilliantly colored species..

Lizard Island Resort

See our review of this magnificent Far North Queensland resort. Located above Port Douglas it really is one of the most northern resorts and is world renowned. A great place to explore the reef from.

Heron Queensland Island Resort

Herron island isn't one of the closest islands to the shore and in fact is more than 70 km of Gladstone the 20 acre island.  The trip itself will cost you a couple of hours of your time but it's well worth the effort  despite the sometimes bumpy journey.  The 20 acre island is known as the most eco friendly and has a spectacular array of fish.  This isn't a good island to get away from it all including the day trippers who are prohibited from making the trip because of the schedule.  There are also only about 250 guests on the island that any one time.

Heron Queensland Island ResortHeron Queensland Island Resort

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Join a guided reef walk to learn more about the unique ecology of the Great Barrier Reef or snorkel off the beach..

Fraser Island Queensland Australia

Hotel Special Deals in Fraser Island

Ancient rainforests, mighty sand dunes, pristine freshwater lakes and streams and an abundance of birds and wildlife.

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Green Island Resort

Green Island ResortGreen Island Resort

Green Island Resort is one of the most unique and romantic destinations in Tropical North Queensland. Enjoy white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters.

Special Hotel Deals in Green Island, Australia

Fitzroy Queensland Island Resort

Fitzroy Island Resort is located a one hour boat trip away from the Cairns reef Fleet Terminal.

This is the classic tropical island close to Cairns that the locals adore and that Luxury resort Bliss sees as one of the very best. The amazing surrounds and ability to stroll out of your room to enjoy snorkeling from the beach are a bonus. 

Fitzroy Island Queensland AustraliaFitzroy Island Queensland Australia

The resort itself features a restaurant which serves quality breakfast, lunch, and dinner is located in this compact resort which provides all the creature comforts you would desire but in a spectacular setting.  While not a mega sized resort by any means there are features that remind you that you are getting a quality experience. 

There is a  swim up bar , a marina, an arcade/game room, and gift shops/newsstands. Rooms are modern with Plasma televisions and there is housekeeping daily.

More information on Fitzroy Island Resort.

Great Keppel Island

Hotel Special Deals in Great Keppel Island

17 white sand beaches encircling its 17.5 miles shoreline, the Great Keppel Island Resort offers a unique holiday destination..

Whitsunday Island Resorts Queensland

Check our also our full review of the Whitsunday Queensland Island Resorts.

Daydream Island Resort

Daydream Island Resort, located in the heart of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, offers a world of possibility for fun, adventure, romance and relaxation.

North Queensland Vacation

Your likely going to combine your Queensland island resort holiday with a North Queensland Vacation.

Palm Cove along with Cairns and Port Douglas are great places to explore the Great Barrier Reef and wet tropics rain forest. I choose to live in this region because of it's outstanding beauty

Hayman Island Resort

Heymann island is the closest to the Great Barrier Reef and a quick trip takes you out to the ovaries at Knuckle Reef Lagoon.  Hayman is also recognized as one of the top Queensland Island Resorts and often wins international awards for outstanding service.  Heyman tn has a luxury lagoon located right by the resort as well.  Trips are available from payment to Heart Reef, around the Whitsundays and to Whitehaven Beach.  See more on our Whitsunday Island Resorts page. 

Great Barrier Reef Vacations

Looking for some Great Barrier Reef vacations. Let us share some awesome pictures of the reef and help you to gain an understanding of it's importance and why it has world heritage status before we get to the vacation deals and ways for you to support the reef. This Map of the Great Barrier Reef will give you an idea of how vast this unique area is.

Great Barrier Reef Map

This Great Barrier Reef map below shows the vastness of this remarkable world heritage site.

UNESCO describes The Great Barrier Reef as "a site of remarkable variety and beauty.... with 400 types of coral, 1,500 species of fish.

This is an amazing place with 2900 individual reefs squeezed in to 20,000 km2. The Great Barrier Reef map and Pics on this page will help give you an appreciation of it's size and amazing beauty.

As you can see the reef stretches out for a big chunk of the Queensland coastline and gets closer to the mainland the further up you go. The outer reef can take a couple of hours to get to on a cruise and it is worth making the trip.

The Far North of Queensland is an ideal place to enjoy the reef. Warm in the middle of winter places like Palm Cove,
Cairns and Port Douglas also boast another world class attraction in the Wet Tropics National park and serve as an Ideal place to enjoy both locations. The imagery of these two unique places meeting is simply breathtaking in it's beauty and I am not sure if this happens any where else.

Another place rich in beauty is the Port of Airlie Beach. This trendy and popular nook makes for easy access to the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. 

There are more than 70 breathtakingly natural islands in the Whitsunday group as well as more Queensland Island Resorts you can stay at on your Great Barrier Reef Adventure.

Great Barrier Reef Map https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wikitravel_QLD_Map.jpg

Affiliate linking supplied ONLY to the BEST resorts in any location. 

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Queensland Island Resorts

See reviews of Queensland's best island resorts including:

Bedarra Island

Brampton Island

Couran Cove Island

Daydream Island

Fitzroy Island Resort

Fraser Island

Green Island Resort

Hamilton Island

Hayman Island

Hinchinbrook Island

Heron Island

Great Keppel Island

Lady Elliot Island

Lizard Island Resort

Long Island Resort

Magnetic Island

Moreton Island

Orpheus Island

Wilson Island

You may also like to consider New Zealand while in this part of the word.

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