Roatan Online Community

by Emilio F. Castillo
(Roatan, Honduras)

Roatan Online Community

The word "Roatan" only means one thing...a small island off the north coast of Honduras.

We moved to Roatan early and ahead of retirement, not because we were financially set for life, but because we have the conviction of enjoying life while our mobility and our health is still in good shape.

Why Roatan?
Roatan is largely undiscovered, and the cost of living is reasonable. The Island of Roatan enjoys some of the best waters in the Caribbean, and it is removed from the hurricane corridor. The islanders speak fluent English.

As we looked around the island for work and for ways to stay productive, we noticed a large void in quality content about Roatan. There is good content, but it is usually spread out over a variety of websites and blogs. So we set out to build a website which could be used as a one-stop shop for future travelers.

We started the website page: as a website with ever-green static content. Once the website was up and running, we found ourselves answering questions from both local operators and business as well as travelers to Roatan. And for this reason, we decided to expand our website to include a forum. The form site can be accessed through, and it provides a marketplace for those traveling to Roatan and service providers living on Roatan.

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